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Work in pairs. Complete this table using the information given above.


Country Capital National Emblem National Day Mountains Lakes
N. Ireland          

Work in pairs. These dialogues are between British students and their colleagues from Belarus who are spending their holidays in London. Restore the dialogues. Use the questions from the box given below. Act the dialogues out.

1) A: Ö?

B: Well, the National Gallery, to begin with, then comes the National Portrait Gallery, then the Tate Gallery.

A: Ö?

B: Oh surely, you ought to go there, but the British Museum is not a museum of Fine Arts. In the first place itís a museum of history, archaeology and ethnography. Itís also one of the largest libraries in the world.

2) A: I think weíll get off the bus near the CircusÖ


A: Oh no, I mean Piccadilly Circus, itís just a square.


A: Well, it isnít exactly round. As a matter of fact any open space where a number of streets meet can be called a Ďcircusí. You can come across them all over England. But when a Londoner speaks of the circus he means Piccadilly Circus.

2) A:Ö

B: Covent Garden? Iím afraid not. I have only been to Green Park, Regentís Park and Kensington Gardens.


B: I certainly do. Itís the Royal Opera House. I was just pulling your leg.

3) A: This is Fleet Street.

B: Ö

A: Nothing of the kind. It suggests journalism.

B: Ö

A: Because all the big British daily newspapers are published there.

4) A: Ö

B: Exactly so. Here the Prime Minister of Britain lives.


B: The London residence of the British kings is Buckingham Palace. When the Queen is in residence the Royal Standard is flown at the mast-head.

5) A:Ö

6) B: Oh, very much indeed. We could see a great deal within those fifteen days of our visit.

A: (What did your programme include?)

B: London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh.


B: Well, it isnít easy to describe it in one word.


1) - I see. Why is it called that? Is it round or what?

2) - Dear me! Donít you know what Covent Garden is?

3) - Does its name suggest a sea voyage?

4) - Why?

5) - And where is the residence of the Queen?

6) - What did your programme include?

7) - How did you enjoy your stay in Britain?

8) - Whatís your general impression?

9) - Which are the most notable picture galleries in London?

10) - I suppose youíve been to Covent Garden?

11) - Do you mean to invite me to a circus show? Iíd love to see it in London

12) - Yes, but what about the British Museum? Iíve heard a lot of it.

13) - Is it Ļ10 Downing Street?

Work in pairs. Make up questions to which the following phrases are the answers. Complete this dialogue and act it out. (The dialogue is between a student from Belarus who is having a holiday in Britain and a British student.


B: I donít think youíll be able to see a lot in one or two days. Today London is one of the largest cities in the world.


B: Nine million, I believe. I mean the population of Greater London, of course.


B: Well, the main parts of London are: the City, Westminster, the West End and the East End. If you are interested in churches and historical places you should go to Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, St. Paulís and the Tower.


B: The City is so important because it is the banking and commercial center of the world.


B: Well, you certainly ought to see the British Museum. But if I were you I should leave that for some other day. You could spend a whole day there. Itís much too big to be seen in an hour or so.


B: In the first place, Whitehall is the name of the street. In the second place, it is the political center of Great Britain. All the chief government offices are in the Whitehall, you know.

17.Work in pairs. Ask your group-mate who has just returned from his trip to London to tell you

a) what historical places (places of interest, monuments) he saw there,

b) what attracted his attention,

c) about the Tower, Westminster Abbey, St. Paulís Cathedral etc.,

d) what else he happened to see,

e) what impressed him most.



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