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Please, list all the positions you have held

AIESEC Chelyabinsk

Coordinator Application Form




Contact Information

Name, Surname   Photo
Date of birth  
Mobile phone  
Date of joining AIESEC  


Studies, working background and skills

Please provide details of your education, courses completed and other relevant academic background

Place of study Year of study Faculty Description of studies

Please, provide details of relevant practical and professional experience (starting with the most recent). Indicate whether it was full-time, vacation work or another type of position background

Period Name of organization Job description Main results How did it impact to your development

Please, give details of your languages and level (native, excellent, good, and basic).

Language Writing Speaking Understanding



Please list your top 3 strengths and top 3 weaknesses with brief explanation

Strengths Weaknesses



I am an AIESECer! Experience and achievements

Please, list all the positions you have held

Period Position Results achieved Key learning points

Please, list Local/Regional/National/International Conferences you have attended . if no don't fill

Period Conference Roles (Delegate/TM/TL) Key learning points

Please, list your results (Ra (ppl/money), Ma, Re, appl)

I am applying for Coordinator Position!

What is your motivation to become LC Chelyabinsk Coordinator?



How will this position help you in your future AIESEC and non-AIESEC life?

What are the main challenges you thing you may face during you experience? How are you going to overcome or solve them?

Area Challenges you might face How will you overcome/solve them?

How do you think why AIESEC is relevant for Russia?




Why the project you are applying for is relevant for Chelyabinsk?



Why you are the best person for this position?


Coordinator TM

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