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Cardiff Castle Millennium Stadium




It is a well-known fact that Cardiff is the capital of Wales. It lies near the mouth of the river Taff, which flows into the English Channel. Romans first occupied this place about 75 BC, they built a fort there. In the 3rd-4th centuries they built a massive wall around it. Nowadays people can still observe its traces. When Roman forces left Britain, all the people followed their example. Only 700 years later with the coming of Normans, they came back to live there again.


For some people today Cardiff seems too Victorian, too formal and too dignified. But in fact it is not really so. Cardiff is a relaxed city with a thriving cultural life The New Theatre of Cardiff performs all kinds of music and entertainment.

You won't see dirty docklands and provincial mediocrity in Cardiff. The Castle is the first thing that catches visitor's eye. It is situated in the heart of the city and parkland and acres of greenery surround it. The Castle with its Roman foundation, medieval CQre. and rich Victorian mansion represents itself the best jewel in Cardiffs crown. Splendid neoclassical white-stoned architectural ensemble of the Civic Centre, the City Hail, National Museum, Law Courts and, University buildings are wonderful sights of the city.

National Museum of Cardiff contains a world-class collection of impressionist paintings, it is considered one of the greatest collections outside Paris and St Petersburg.


Cardiff is quite an ancient town, but only in the 19th century it became a centre of export trade in coal. The First and the Second World Wars stopped the demand for the Welsh coal both at home and abroad, and the growth of the city almost went down.

Cardiff today is not like that it was earlier. There are many shopping malls, Victorian shopping arcades, cafes, bistros and many places where one can taste the locally brewed beer.


Welcome to Cardiff!

Cardiff Castle Millennium Stadium

Cardiff City Hall

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