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Application Management roles and responsibilities Applications Managers/Team-leaders

An Applications Manager or Team-leader (depending upon the size and/or importance of the team or department and the application they support, and the organizationís structure and culture) will be needed for each of the applications teams or departments. The role will:

  • Take overall responsibility for leadership, control and decision-making for the applications team or department
  • Provide technical knowledge and leadership in the specific applications support activities covered by the team or department
  • Ensure necessary technical training, awareness and experience levels are maintained within the team or department relevant to the applications being supported and processes being used
  • Involve ongoing communication with users and customers regarding application performance and evolving requirements of the business
  • Report to senior management on all issues relevant to the applications being supported
  • Perform line-management for all team or department members. Applications Analyst/Architect

Application Analysts and Architects are responsible for matching requirements to application specifications. Specific activities include:

  • Working with users, sponsors and all other stakeholders to determine their evolving needs
  • Working with Technical Management to determine the highest level of system requirements required to meet the business requirements within budget and technology constraints
  • Performing costĖbenefit analyses to determine the most appropriate means to meet the stated requirement
  • Developing Operational Models that will ensure optimal use of resources and the appropriate level of performance
  • Ensuring that applications are designed to be effectively managed given the organizationís technology architecture, available skills and tools
  • Developing and maintaining standards for application sizing, performance modelling, etc
  • Generating a set of acceptance test requirements, together with the designers, test engineers and the user, which determine that all of the high-level requirements have been met with regard to both functional and manageability
  • Input into the design of configuration data required to manage and track the application effectively.

An appropriate number of Application Analysts will be needed for each of the Application Management teams or department to perform the generic activities described in paragraph 6.5.5.

The ways in which Application Management groups can be organized, and the options available, are discussed in some detail in section 6.7 below.

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