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Do this while you’re still young. Do not squander the time. You may never have it again.

You have a crucial opportunity to invest in the next season of your life now. Whatever you sow, you will eventually reap. Please. For your sake, do this. Because you won’t always be young. And life won’t always be just about you.

So travel. Experience the world for all it’s worth. Become a person of culture, adventure, and compassion.

“What if I’m not young?”

Travel, anyway. It may not be easy to do, but find a way to get out of your comfort zone. It’s really never too late.

But if you haven’t gotten sucked into the routine of life yet, I implore you —travel. It will never be easier than it is right now for you to do that which really matters.




1. It’s Awesome:
Travelling just gives such a general sense of ‘WOW’. All the different experiences (both good and bad) just make you feel alive and part of this wonderful world.

2. Experience Different Cultures:
Living in one place for a long time (or all your life) can lead you to believe that everyone else has the same customs and habits. Venturing out to other countries with different cultures to yours can be really eye-opening. The ways in which people live throughout the world are truly fascinating.

3. Endless Choices and Possibilities:
There are 195 official countries in the world. When travelling, you have hundreds of choices of where to go, how long to stay and what to do. You can go to a place for adventure, sports, culture, work or just total relaxation. You can even make it a combination of all of the above.

4. You Will Grow As a Person:
Whoever you think you are right now and whatever you think you want from life right now will change if you travel for a long time. You will see the world, experience different cultures and meet many people. You will learn much about yourself and your expectations and goals in life may just change completely.

5. Better Social Skills:
When travelling, you are constantly in contact with people. Whether they be locals or tourists, you will need them, and they will need you. Initially it may be very hard, but over time you will become better at talking to strangers and making new friends.

6. Making New Friends:
Travelling the globe will result in you meeting many people, some interesting and some dull. The chances are big that you will make friends in many countries, and some of those friendships may be for life. I have some friends in countries around the world that I met on a vacation, and I could stay with them anytime and visa versa.

7. Meet People from Every Nationality:
It’s not neccessary but it can definitely be a fun goal. Speakto a personfromeverynationality.

8. Pay With Different Currencies:
There are so many different types of currencies in the world. Dollars, Euros, Pesos, Rubels,Yens and countless others. Each currency has different coins and notes. Nicetolookatandhaveinyourwallet.

9. Experience Different Climates:
One of the beauties about travelling is that you have the choice where you want to go. This means you can choose the kind of climate you want to be in. You can have a year of summer or a year of winter. You can go to the sun in the middle of winter and to the snow in the middle of summer.

10. Realize That You Do Not Need Much To Survive:
I have lots of things in my room and my house at home. When I travel, I have a suitcase and a backpack, and I live out of that for months at a time. Besides a suitcase of clothes and some things like a laptop, camera and cellphone, all you need is money so you can rent an apartment and pay for your travels.

11. All The Delicious Foods and Dishes:
Different countries and different cultures mean different dishes and different food. Yummy food! I personally think eating is one of the more fun things to do in life. So travel and eat Indian, Thai, seafood, steak, rice, roasts and much much more.

12. Learn to Deal With Lonliness:
When travelling there will be times when you feel lonely or miss home. You will become a better person if you learn how to handle these emotions in a positive way and grow from them instead of letting it eat away at you.

13. Learn to Deal With Boredom:
Boredom is something that will inevitably show its head when you are out and about, travelling the world. However, it is up to you how that boredom affects you. There are always many different things you can do to never be bored, and on your travels you will discover how to get rid of boredom.

14. Become Street-Wise:
In different countries there are always scums and predators taking advantage of tourists. You will learn to spot these people and trust your judgement when something doesn’t feel right. You will also find that often you can negotiate and barter with people, because local prices are often much less than tourist prices for the same items or services.

15. Learn to Adapt and Improvise:
When travelling, there is not always a fixed plan or routine. Sometimes you will need to make adjustments on the spot in order to get things done and to get to where you need to be.

16. Increase Confidence and Trust in Yourself:
If you are travelling alone, or even with someone, there are always a lot of decisions that you have to make. Doubting yourself can cause a lot of hassle, so over time you will learn to be more confident with your decisions and trust your own judgement.

17. Travelling Can Be Cheap:
Some people think that travelling the world means spending a fortune. The most expensive part of travelling is probaby the plane tickets. If you plan your travels you can find cheap accomodation and food and adventures do not have to be expensive either.

18. Sense of Freedom:
The sense of freedom that you get from travelling is fantastic. Deciding where you want to go, how long you want to stay, what you want to do. It’s FANTASTIC!

19. The Stone Henge:
One of the wonders of the world. The fact that it’s out there and you haven’t seen it is enough reason to travel to it. How were these massive blocks of rock places in such a formation? Aliens?

20. Great Pyramid of Giza:
Another one of the wonders of the world. Thousands of years old and still standing tall, the pyramid of Giza is a reason to travel to Egypt. How was it possible that people built such massive structures so long ago without machines or technology?

21. Hanging Gardens of Babylon:
You may not have heard about these gardens. I hadn’t until I researched the different wonders of the world. These gardens were considered a wonder of the ancient world, but were destroyed in the 2nd century BC by an earthquake.

22. Statue of Zeus at Olympia:
One of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Back in greece, created around 432 BC, this 12m tall statue of Zeus is worth the trip!

23. Temple of Artemis at Ephesus:
Better known as the Temple of Diana, this Greek temple was completed in 550 BC and is considered one of the seven ancient wonders of the world.

24. Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus:
This was a tomb built between 353 and 350 BC in present-day Turkey. Another one of the seven ancient wonders of the world.

25. Colossus of Rhodes:
This is a stature of the Greek god Helius and was erected on the island of Rhodes.Another one of the seven ancient wonders of the world.

26. Niagra Falls:
The most powerful waterfall in North America. An incredible amount of water flows over the edge every minute and it is an absolutely spectacular thing to see.

27. Lighthouse of Alexandria:
This is a tower built in the 3rd century BC on the island of Pharos in Egypt. Oneofthesevenancientwondersoftheworld.

28. Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa:
A series of tombs in Alexandria,Egypt. A historical archeological site with many gruesome stories and events that took place there.

29. Great Wall of China:
The only man-built object that is visable from space. It was built to keep out trespassers and Mongolians back in the day when China was a really powerful empire. This warrants a trip to China. Go and set foot on the Great Wall!

30. Porcelain Tower of Nanjing:
Also know as the Temple of Gratitude. It was constructed under the Ming Dynasty in the 15th century but was mostly destroyed in the 19th century. ItislocatedinNanjing, China.

31. Leaning Tower of Pisa:
Surely you have heard of this one! Located in Italy, this tower began to lean in 1173 due to a badly constructed foundation. It has been standing ever since and is a major attraction and marvel to see.

32. Table Mountain – Cape Town:
Cape Town is a really beautiful city in South Africa. I have lived there since I was 6 years old. One of the biggest attractions is Table Mountain. A mountain around 1km high where the top is as flat as a table, hence the name. At times, the clouds flow over the edge beautifully, making it look like a table-cloth of white fluff.

33. TajMahal:
This beautiful palace is located in Agra, India. It took 20 years to build by thousands of craftsmen. It is truly beautiful and magnificent. If you have a chance, this is one reason to go to India.

34. Great Barrier Reef:
A good excuse to visit Austrlia at the same time. The great barrier reef consists of over 2900 individual reefs and is visible from outer space! It is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is a huge tourist attraction.

35. Mount Everest:
The tallest mountain on the face of the earth, located between Nepal and China. Even though it is the tallest mountain, it is way not the hardest to climb. If you feel up to it, some good training will put you in state to reach the top of Everest.

36. Amazon Rainforest:
This tropical South American rainforest covers over seven million square kilometres. It is home to hundreds and thousands of plants, trees and animals. Pityitisbeingcutdownlittlebylittle.

37. Inca Temples:
I’m talking about the ones in Peru. Located on the western coast of South America, the Incas built one of the wealthiest civilizations in the 1400′s. Their cities and temples remain and are really, really worth a visit.

38. Redwood Trees:
The largest and tallest trees in the world. People have dated some trees to be as old as 2200 years. Found along the coast of North America, these Redwood Giants are a spectacular and awe-inspiring sight.

39. Vancouver:
Ranked and rated as the best city in the world to visit and to live in. Little crime and a beautiful city. Are you up for a trip to Canada?

40. Mount Kilauea Volcano – Hawaii:
Mount Kilauea is the most visited volcano in the world. It is also the most active volcano with lava pouring out of it since 1983. Combine two reasons for one trip: surfing and a volcano!

41. Bora Bora:
Bora Bora is a tiny island part of French Polynesia. It is an incredible paradise and if you are able to, Bora Bora is one single reason that is enough to take you across the world to see it.

42. Suralai, KohSamui – Thailand:
Beaches, beautiful weather, beautiful girls. Thisparadiseiscertainlyworththetrip.

43. Northern Lights – Alaska:
I have yet to see them. The northern lights are incredible displays of light in the sky that can only be seen in a certain part of the year from the northen hemisphere, particularly Alaska and Northern Canada. Itissaidtobeanamazingexperience.

44. Burj al Arab – Dubai:
Rated as the world’s only 7 star hotel. Right on the water with a beautiful restaurant on the top floor. Combine this with some of the world’s biggest shopping center’s and you have more than enought reason to visit Dubai.

45. Grand Canyon – Arizona:
277 Miles long and up to 22 miles in width, this massive gorge is a spectacular natural phenomenon. If you can afford it, do a helicopter tour through the canyon!

46. Madagascar:
Located off the east coast of Africa, this island is home to some amazing wild-life and vegetation. If you want to see beauty and have a bit of an adventure, then take a trip to Madagascar.

47. Pyramid Of Kukulcan – Mexico:
This 9-step pyramid is said to relate to the Mayan calendar. Built around 800 AD, this beautiful structure is worth a trip to Mexico.

48. Mount Rushmore:
A monumental sculpture in the mountain, said to represent the first 150 years of the history of the United Stated of America. Theentiresculpturecovers 5.17 squarekilometers!

49. Las Vegas:
Also known as Sin City. Famous for it’s casino’s, clubs, hotels and extravagant lifestyle that goes with it. You don’t have to commit any sins or gamble, but it is definitely worth a trip.

50. Lost City of Petra – Jordan:
This rose-red city carved into the limestone mountains in Jordan was chosen as one of the 7 wonders of the new world.

51. St.Petersburg – Russia:
A beautiful, old city full of history and culture. Themuseums, palacesandcathedralsareabsolutelyamazing.

52. Canadian Rockies – Canada:
A segment of the North American Rocky Mountains. They are a visitor’s wonderland and the playground for western Canada.

53. The Igazu Waterfalls – South Argentinian Border:
The Igazu Waterfalls are said to be the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Incredible power and enormous emounts of water flow over this magistical natural feature.

54. The Italian Riviera:
The Cinque Terre is a gorgeous national park, which connects five quaint villages. The villages are connected by walking routes and it is possible to go for hikes in the gorgeous hills.

55. The Eiffel Tower:
One of the most well-know steel structures in Paris, France. Go skating underneath it or have a cup of cofee in one of the restaurants inside it. Definitelywarrants a triptoParis.

56. Hallstatt – Austria:
This is a very cute little town, just across a river from an Austrian train station. The World’s oldest salt mine is located here. There are many of spots to fish and rent boats to drift up the river.

57. Venice:
Venice has its share of history, art, and really gorgeous buildings. The allure comes from the the pedestrian-only streets and Gondola filled rivers.

58. Rome:
Every list of European holidays must included Rome. From the history to the culture, Rome has a certain magic to it that everybody should see at least once in their lives.

59. Ancient Civilizations:
Besides all the cultural and historical places I have mentioned already, there are many civilizations that have lived, prospered and fallen. It can be very interesting to see what remains of their empires and try to imagine how they lived all those years ago.

60. Museums:
I was never really one for museums, but once you start travelling, every city has a history. Visit one or two museums in every city you go to and you will be amazed at the things that you discover about that city. You may just look at it with completely different eyes.

61. Art:
Artists from all around the world were fantastic at different things. Some at building statues, some at carving wood, some at painting and others and making music. You can travel to these famous artists’ home towns to admire their work and possibly even see how they lived.

62. Languages:
English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, Portugese and all the other wonderful languages of the world. A different language adds such a diversity to your world. Go to a country where they speak a different language and see if you can pick up a few words.

63. Get away from your troubles:
Maybe things have been a little too stressgul at your work or in your life lately. Travelling is a great way to leave all your worries behind and just concentrate on the present. You’ll be feeling totally refreshed and ready to take on the world after some extensive travelling.

64. Snowboarding:
Have you done it yet? I can tell you that it is truly amazing, wizzing down the pretty white slopes with a board strapped to your feet. Control your speed, where and when you want to turn, and if you are a daredevil- why not attempt a jump or two?

65. Skiing:
The same as with snowboarding, except you have one ski on each foot and two ski-poles.

66. Wakeboarding:
You can do this pretty much anywhere in the world, yet it is fun to go to another country and do this. Preferabbly a club-med vacation or some tropical island, where you can spend all day in the water learning how to wake-board. Reallyfun!

67. Surfing:
Is wakeboarding not your thing? Try surfing. Those crystal clear and aqua-blue waters, the sun heating your skin and you on the surfboard riding those waves. Plenty of magnificent locations all around the world to attempt your surfing skills.

68. Safari:
In my mind safari is associated with Africa, green Jeeps and a guide with a rifle. Driving through the dessert or semi-dessert spotting lions, elephants, buffalo and many more wild, dangerous creatures. Youhavetoexperienceitonceinyourlifetime!

69. Diving:
I have yet to do this. Being under water to see all sorts of exotic fish and coral? Fantastic. Two places come to mind: The Red Sea near Egypt and The Great Barrier Reef near Australia.

70. Take a Cruise:
One of those BIG cruiseliners, where you can lie on the deck by the pool all day long, bronzing in the sun. Mediterranean, Carribean or anywhere else in the world. These cruises often stop at multiple locations so you get to see some interesting sites too.

71. Motorcycle Tour:
In the Summer, rent a motorcycle (or two if you are with a friend) and tour through Europe.

72. Road Trip:
If you’re not a fan of two wheels, take 4. Get a friend or two or three, and drive through a country or continent, just for fun. Sop at all the small places, take the scenic routes and have a ball.

73. Relax on Tropical Islands:
You always see those postcards with tropical islands, palm trees, golden beaches and aqua-blue waters. Why not go to one of these islands yourself and do nothing all day but relax in that picture perfect paradise?

74. Take a Workshop of Someone you Admire:
The internet has made it possible for people to spread their work and knowledge all over the world. If there is someone in another country who you follow or admire, why not take a trip to visit them and attend one of their seminars or workshops?

75. Set Foot on All Seven Continents:
Maybe pointless and egotistical, but hey, it’s something to be proud of if you say you’ve stepped on every single continent on this planet.

76. Watch the Water Drain in Opposite Directions:
A random interesting fact. Did you know that the water drains out of your sink or tub in different directions depending on if you are in the northern or southern hemisphere?

77. Warp Through Time:
Not really, but kind of. Travelling across the globe means you go through different time-zones and you have to adjust the time on your watch, sometimes by several hours.

78. Experience a White Night, 24 Hours of Daylight:
In certain parts of the world it is possible to experience 24 hours of continuous daylight. This means not a minute of darkness for the entire day.

79. Experience 30 Days of Night:
Just like in the movie, Alaska experiences 30 days of total darkness for a certain part of the year. Haveyoueverexperiencedthat? Itmustbescary.

80. Rio Carnival:
This carnival is held once a year in Rio de Janero – Brazil. It is considered to be one of the greatest shows on earth. People travel the globe just to witness it. The first festivals date back to 1793!!

81. Business Opportunities:
You may not know what is coming your way. While you are traveling through other cities and countries, you may just meet people or see opportunities that will allow you to do some very good business deals.

82. Photos:
Been there, done that?! Now you can have photos to prove all the cool things you have done on your travels.

83. Everybody Wants You:
As a traveller or tourist, if you can pay for something (like a hotel, resort, service, meal) then everybody is more than willing to accomodate you. Sometimes people even compete to have you at their business.

84. Your Own Time:
There is no ‘late’ or ‘rush’ when you are on your own agenda. Sleepin, wakeupearly, dowhateveryoulike.

85. Wear The Same Clothes Every Day:
The beauty about travelling is that you do not need many clothes. You can alternate between two pairs of jeans for months and nobody will ever know. Want to wear the same shirt every night you go out? Noproblemo.

86. Learn to Enjoy the Silence:
Tune in to the world around you. Forget about distractions and meaningless noise, just become one with where-ever you are.

87. All the Great Shopping Stores:
Paris, Milan, Dubai, Malasia, Singapore and many other places in the world all contain enormous amounts of shops and shopping centeres. You could walk for days, going through shop after shop. Just make sure you leave your credit card at home somtimes, otherwise it will become a very expensive vacation.

88. Make Others Jealous:
Now this isn’t something you should strive for, but if you take extended months for travelling the world, people will be jealous. Maybe because they can’t afford to do it, but mostly because they wish they had the courage to just pack up, sell their things and travel.

89. Satisfy Your Curiosity:
What makes you tick? Do you have a burning desire to find out more about something? The world has plenty to offer! Take a trip and induldge on your curiosities.

90. Nightlife:
Whether young or old, nightlife is always interesting. If you’re not up to partying and dancing, just sit down and have a drink at a bar or pub in the center of the nightlife. It’samazinghowitdiffersfromcountrytocountry.

91. Rejuvenation:
Rebuild and rejuvenate your energy and zest for life. Sometimes 3 weeks is enough, other times you may need 3 months.

92. Resume:
If you tell your next potential employer that you have travelled the world, learnt another language and worked small and interesting jobs while travelling it’s going to make him favor hiring you.

93. Home Sweet Home:
After travelling, you may realize that it was fun, but nothing compares to your home. You may just appreciate everything much more and be really happy by just living at home again.

94. Travel With Your Partner:
If you are both up for it, go out and travel together. That way you can really bond and strengthen your relationship and spend quality time together.

95. What is 1 Year?:
To some people, 1 year may sound like a long time. A year flies by before you know it. So rather take that year and spend it going crazy and doing what you really want to do instead of spending it behind a desk again.

96. Become More Interesting:
Adventure, travels and experiences give you many, many stories to tell. You’ll always be interesting at parties or events, and will be able to start or join into conversations. Like it or not, that is one of the effects of travelling.

97. Face Your Fears:
Are you scared of travelling by yourself? Of being alone? Of venturing out into the unknown? Then Travelling by yourself is the best way to grow as a person. Faceyourfearsandbecomeyourbestself.

98. When it’s Over, You will Be Proud:
After you travels across the world, you will look back on them and be proud of what you have done, seen and experienced.

99. You Only Live Once:
At the end of day, it comes down to the fact that you only have one life. Whether it may be 20 years or 120 years, your time is limited. Many things can be bought, but time and experiences cannot. Do the things you want to do, travel the world, learn, see, absorb and enjoy everything that our wonderful earth has to offer us.


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While you’re young, you should travel. | Rebecca Donovan
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