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Top reason for travelling or why do People travel ?

Same like we have categories for hotels we can also place guests or travellers into categories. Categorise the guest by the reason of travelling is the best and proven way of doing so. Below are few such categories :

· Travelling for business.

· Travelling to attend a conference or company group meeting.

· Travelling for vacation with family

. Other reasons (personal, marriage, health, shopping etc.)

Even the thought the market for the hotel industry has different categories , there are three major categories based on the reason for travel : business, pleasure , group.

Travelling for business :

If we take the history of hotel industry business travellers were the first and primary targets. Business travellers average more than five trip a year and they are less likely to share room with friends or relatives, they account for a significant portion of hotel industry. Regular business travels is and important source of business for many lodging properties.

Frequent travellers provide their travel agents with board parameters of outlining the type of hotel they would like to stay. Increased attention has also been given to travelling business women. Business hotels have special amenities and facilities specifically directed at business travellers. Eg:- meeting spaces , offices in the building which can be rented by the travellers, secretarial, business centre, in-room safes, Wi-Fi etc.

Pleasure Travel :

The pleasure travel market often depends on the attractions, products and services offered by the destination are lodging property . Typical market segment include resorts, treatments , pilgrimage, medical / health care , golf, rafting etc. Pleasure travellers are generally price sensitive they always look for affordable price with good recreational facilities .

Group Travel :

Group travel is different from business travel because some groups travel for pleasure. Groups can be divided into two sections on

1, Group travelling for pleasure / pilgrimage etc. are often classified as Tour groups .

2, Business related group travel or gathering held by corporate are classified as Conferences. Example are management meetings , product launch, staff training seminars, stockholders meetings etc.



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