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Long Term Commitment

A marriage, that is an outcome of love and mutual respect, is strong enough to endure even the most difficult challenges.

Financial Benefits

In the modern world, both the partners work vigorously to earn their livelihood and support each other due to the increasing standards of living.

Social & Community Acceptance

Most societies and communities find it hard to accept single couples living-in together in their neighborhood. However, when it comes to married couple, they are more than ready to accept the two. Generally, married couples prefer mingling with other married couples only.

Opportunity To Rear Children

Though single parent homes are getting much prevalent in our society, the question is how many of them are happy and find it easy to raise a child or children single-handedly? If questioned, you are sure to be bombarded with scores of shocking and saddening stories. Marriage, on the other hand, enables you to raise children as a team, wherein each partner contributes his/her part towards the upbringing of the little ones. The fact is that raising kids is task that requires two people rather than one person alone.

Give Love & Receive Love

Getting married to someone you love enables you to channel all your unconditional love to the most important person in your life.

Loss Of Independence

Most people fear losing their freedom with marriage.


Compromise, perhaps, forms the most difficult ingredient of marriage. Living alone for quite sometime can make adjusting and negotiating with your spouse a little tricky condition, since you may have been used to doing things on your own. It may so happen that both of you have contradicting perceptions, which is true amongst most married couples. While your husband would want to watch sports, you may be willing to catch up on your favorite show. Similarly, he might think of decorating the living wall with his old baseball jersey, while you may want to put on your favorite piece of artwork.

Your New Family

Marrying does not only include tying a knot with just one person, it brings a whole lot of new relations in the form of a “package deal”. Apart from your spouse, you have to make efforts to identify and mingle with your new extended family members. Personality differences, ethnicity and religious beliefs are just a few things that may come across as a real challenge for you.


Ещё раз!!! На экзамене 2 монолога:
1) Описание картинки (подготовка 20 минут). Логика описания, лексика, грамматика + какое-нибудь окончание или вывод.
2) Монолог-рассуждение без подготовки. Т.к. времени на подготовку нет + испуг, то я не жду огромных выступлений. Но для меня важна структура (вступление, аргументы ясные и логичные, окончание) + всё это хорошей лексикой (она у вас в текстах вся есть!!!) + грамматика. И, конечно, монолог должен быть ПО ТЕМЕ!!! А не рассуждения на тему…

Вопросы: HOUSING
What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the village or on a remote island?

What is your ideal house? Location, style, special features, telling about your life.

“Being in a beauty contest is the same as playing on a soccer team. It’s not about winning.” Do you agree or disagree? Why? Should there be beauty contests for women? For Men? For children? Why or why not? Talk about positive and negative aspects of beauty contests.

How important is appearance in our culture? Is it as important for men as it is for women? Do some people go too far to be attractive? If so, how do you define too far? Would you rather be very beautiful with your current intelligence or very intelligent with your current looks?

What are the reasons for people to travel? How would you plan the tour for your friend who has come to your country? Where to go? What to do?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an organized holiday?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a do-it-yourself holiday?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting married by love? What is the appropriate time to start a family? Why?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an arranged marriage? Would you listen to somebody’s opinion if you decide to get married? Do you approve of an idea of a prenuptial agreement (ant advantages or disadvantages)?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working mothers? When do you think is the appropriate time for mothers to go back to work? What was your childhood like?

What is friendship? What role does it play in your life? What qualities do you value in your friends? What can be the reasons to end friendship? Is it possible to correct friends?

What is the image of a modern family? What role do men and women play? Is it possible to say that family values are disappearing? What may be the reasons to say so? What is your idea of a family?

What are the ways to meet a partner? Do you approve of an idea of a blind date? What qualities are important for you while choosing a partner? Do you believe in love at first sight? Love for life? In your opinion, what helps people to remain faithful to each other?



Travelling is a life altering experience and (usually) a 'once in a lifetime' experience! No matter how broke you return home you will have memories, friends and experiences that no one can take away from you.

And that is exactly why people set off on trips around the world. They are after a life altering experience. They want to see new things, meet new people, learn about different cultures, explore the world in their own pace and actually experience what others only dream about their whole lives. Sure, it requires serious saving and planning. Sure, there will be people around you who don't understand or want you to go. Whatever it is, if we are determined, nothing should stop us.

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