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Pict.1 - Organizational structure of Russian Railways (source: Annual Report 2010)



The system of personnel management in Russian Railways is implemented with accordance with the Strategy of Development of the Personnel Potential until 2015. The key functional goals of the strategy are:

  • availability of highly qualified personnel
  • involvement of personnel in the effective attainment of corporate aims and the improvement of motivation system
  • uninterrupted development of personnel and the transition to a learning organization
  • sustenance of personnel when not engaged in production
  • pursuit of an effective youth policy
  • improvement of corporate and social partnership
  • development of the corporate system of personnel management

The company provides training for the specialists who are going to increase their qualification level or to get a new profession. Russian Railways actively collaborates with rail transport institutes, technical schools and colleges, thereby meeting the companys requirements for specialists. Many students and postgraduate students of technical schools, rail transport and higher learning institutes were awarded personnel scholarships and given grants.

The company also introduced The Corporate University with the main objective to introduce a system of additional education for management team. For the purpose of personnel assessment corporate competence model was developed. The key competences for the top-management team are: (1) overall skills, (2) client-orientation, (3) corporate nature and responsibility, (4) quality and safety, (5) creativity and innovation, (6) leadership

The share of personnel categories in the total staff is as follows: wage workers (68%), management (7%), specialists (21%), salary earners (4%).

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