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Who Was Screaming?

No one there.

The front hall was deserted.


“Hello?” Bobbi called.

No reply. No screams. The only sound now was that of her loud, gasping breaths.

“Hello? Anyone there?” she called out in a hoarse, choked voice.


No one.

Confused and frightened, her hands pressed tightly to her burning cheeks, Bobbi turned back. And peered cautiously down the long, dim corridor.

The dark lockers along the walls were all shut tight.

Her ears rang from the crashing, banging sounds they had made. But now they stood still and silent. She took a reluctant step, then another, expecting them to fly open again, to begin their frightening symphony.


No lockers banging. No girl screaming in terror.

Her legs trembling, Bobbi made her way to her locker. She opened the combination lock with a shaking hand and pulled the door open.

She glanced down the hall. Still silent and empty.

The silence seemed to echo in her mind.

Am I cracking up?

Am I totally losing it?

She pulled out the things she needed, stuffed them into her backpack, locked the door, and ran.

♦ ♦ ♦


At home, in the upstairs room they shared, Corky didn’t believe her. “You’re very tired,” she said sympathetically from her desk, where she was trying to cram in a little homework before she had to leave for the game. “You’ve been under a lot of pressure.”

“You don’t believe me?” Bobbi shrieked, immediately angry at herself for not keeping her cool.

Corky stared at her sister thoughtfully. “Locker doors flying open?”

“I know it sounds crazy—” Bobbi started.

“The hall was dark, right?” Corky interrupted, tapping her pencil against her open textbook. “It was late. You were tired. Practice was rough. You’re nervous about the game tonight.”

Bobbi started to protest, then changed her mind. With a loud sigh, she tossed herself onto her bed. “I wouldn’t believe me either,” she muttered softly. “I wouldn’t—”

She stopped and gasped in horror, staring across the room.

Corky followed her sister’s frightened gaze.

Both girls watched in silent terror as the closet door swung open.

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