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Challenges, Critical Success Factors and risks

A major dependency for Problem Management is the establishment of an effective Incident Management process and tools. This will ensure that problems are identified as soon as possible and that as much work is done on pre-qualification as possible. However, it is also critical that the two processes have formal interfaces and common working practices. This implies the following:

  • Linking Incident and Problem Management tools
  • The ability to relate Incident and Problem Records
  • The second- and third-line staff should have a good working relationship with staff on the first line
  • Making sure that business impact is well understood by all staff working on problem resolution.

In addition it is important that Problem Management is able to use all Knowledge and Configuration Management resources available.

Another CSF is the ongoing training of technical staff in both technical aspects of their job as well as the business implications of the services they support and the processes they use

Access Management

Access Management is the process of granting authorized users the right to use a service, while preventing access to non-authorized users. It has also been referred to as Rights Management or Identity Management in different organizations.

4.5.1 Purpose/goal/objective

Access Management provides the right for users to be able to use a service or group of services. It is therefore the execution of policies and actions defined in Security and Availability Management.


Access Management is effectively the execution of both Availability and Information Security Management, in that it enables the organization to manage the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the organization’s data and intellectual property.

Access Management ensures that users are given the right to use a service, but it does not ensure that this access is available at all agreed times – this is provided by Availability Management.

Access Management is a process that is executed by all Technical and Application Management functions and is usually not a separate function. However, there is likely to be a single control point of coordination, usually in IT Operations Management or on the Service Desk.

Access Management can be initiated by a Service Request through the Service Desk.

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