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Brit guide to Ameri-portions

1. Char-broiled New York cut steak (8–13 oz)

will overhang the plate on one side. Share with a friend.

2. Prime ribs of beef

will overhang the plate on both sides. Ask for two extra side-dishes to take overspill.

3. Surf-and-turf (combo. of lobster-tail and steak)

won’t fit on the plate in the first place. Served on special wooden stay-hot griddle platter. You won’t need dessert.

4. Onion-loaf (side order only)

feeds four generously, six adequately. Ignore the waitress’s advice that you need one for every two people.

5. Club sandwich

... not quite big enough for the whole club. Divide with one child.

6. Salad (spinach, waldorf, Caesar, fruit)

contains world’s natural reserves of raw fruit and veg. Undoes benefits of low calories if you eat it all. Share with one other weight-watcher.

7. Banana split

three can share. One scoop per person. Child gets the cherry.

8. Ice cream cone (any size)

no one can share. It’s too good, and each person will want it all. It is not unusual for a grown-up to come to blows with a child over an outstanding cone.


Exercise 1. Think up 3–5 true or false questions to make sure your classmates have got their cultural things right.


Exercise 2. Find words and phrases in the text that can be used as synonyms of the ones below and comment on their possible difference, stylistic and otherwise. Think up appropriate contexts with them:

to chew / to amount to sth. / to stop / to fight / to derive pleasure from sth. / cuisine, n / cautious.

Exercise 3. Identify the cultural information, cultural topics and stereotypes in the text and comment on them.

Exercise 4. Make up a list of typical British and American dishes and find out what they are made of and when and how they are served. Present your findings in a chart format.

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