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Facts About Americans and Our Culture

by Nate Shenk November 23, 2011


What does it mean to call yourself an American? Besides the obvious of actually holding American citizenship, what qualifies you to be able to say, ďIím an AmericanĒ and not have any doubt about it? Sure, anyone can attempt to immigrate to the United States and eventually become a citizen, but obtaining the official documentation is only half of it. The other half, and arguably more important part of being/becoming an American, is identifying with and understanding its culture.

Hereís a short list of ten facts about Americans, or something like that. You probably already know some of the following facts about Americans in the list below, but I bet you havenít seen all the ridiculous pictures before.

1. We donít like our Ďbubbleí being popped.

Facts About Americans: Personal Space is Necessary

As Americans we expect, and believe, it is our God-given right to each have our own personal space and consider it highly offensive when someone invades that space, or Ďbubble.í We feel extremely uncomfortable if someone, who is talking to us, gets closer than 2 feet Ė especially if we donít know them very well.

Americans consider their bedrooms their private sanctuaries and we canít imagine entering oneís sanctuary without being invited. While I was studying in Germany, I had a friend ask me what the deal was about Americans and the no entering the parentís bedroom thing.

Apparently, she had no idea that [in America] we rarely ever go into a friendís parentís bedroom. Itís a cultural thing, we just donít and even when we are invited into a parentís bedroom (such as when given a tour of oneís house) we feel somewhat uncomfortable. We may be friendly, but donít pop our bubble, or weíll cut/fork you.

2. We all know/watch Sesame Street, Saturday Night Live, the Flintstones and Star Trek.

Facts About Americans: If you donít know Sesame Street, youíre not American.

I donít think I have ever met a fellow American who didnít know what Sesame Street was. Can you imagine? It would almost be disturbingÖeveryone knows Cookie Monster, Count Von Count and the rest of the gang.

Even though Iíve probably only seen a couple of Star Trek episodes, I know exactly what it is. And life without the Flintstones just wouldnít be normalÖI wonder if this is still true for little kids today?

Iím not sure how long Saturday Night Live is going to last because many believe itís nowhere near as humorous as it used to be, but that doesnít mean its not extremely American and will always be.

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