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Golden Opulence Sundae

FleurBurger 5000


Price: $ 5000

Which serves: Fleur, Las Vegas, USA

French national, Hubert Keller is widely respected among American chefs. He owns several restaurants, including Fleur, located in the world capital of gambling. That is, it serves a giant burger for $ 5000: Kobe beef, foie gras and truffle sauce, and all that - the lush crispy bun. As a bonus - a bottle of Château Pétrus wine harvest in 1995, and an exclusive glass that, if the client so wishes, he will be sent home with a certificate of quality. In addition, satellite or companion who will order FleurBurger 5000, will receive a free burger - though ordinary.


Golden Opulence Sundae


Price: $ 1000

Which serves: Serendipity III, New York, USA

Legendary cafe in the Upper East Side is often called "fast food deluxe": hot dogs, sandwiches and burgers here are significantly more expensive than traditional eatery. And the desserts from Serendipity III will fly in a lot of money: what is only Golden Opulence Sundae! It is based on ice cream Tahitian vanilla bean. Filled their elegant sundae dish decorated edible gold leaf flakes and most expensive in the world of chocolate Amedei Porceleana. For a dessert exotic candied fruits, gold dragees, marzipan cherries, and a plate of eggs. Golden Opulence Sundae order to not less than 48 hours, otherwise the cooks will not have time to deal with the time-consuming task.



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