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Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is a Chinese system for deciding the right position for a building and for placing objects inside a building in order to make people feel comfortable and happy.

The right breakfast can make or break your day according to Feng Shui consultant, Simon Brown. And it’s no good just eating the right food either — you’ve got to eat it in the right place.

Morning is a very important time because it’s the transition from sleeping to waking. It’s best to wake naturally, by sunlight flooding into the room, or from a rumbling stomach. Parents will find it easier to get children out of bed if they need breakfast. By eating their last meal between six and seven the night before, their food is properly digested by bedtime, and they’re hungry in the morning.

When you’ve made your way, bleary-eyed, to the table, you should find it an inspiring place to start the day. If you get oft on the wrong foot, you can usuallyguarantee the rest of the day will go from bad to worse. “The worst thing you can do is eat breakfast in a kitchen with last night’s washing-up on the work surface,”says Simon. “It should be clutter-free;’. For an uplifting room to send you off full of energy use bright colours, like red and yellow. But for a calmer effect, decorate with pastel greens and blues, and choose the plates and bowls in the same way. If you’re planning to re-do your kitchen, let the energy How through the room by using wooden worktops and tables, and ceramic tiles for the floors. Ideally, your breakfast place should be facing east, so you see the sun rising over your bowl of corn-flakes. You can also create a FengShui environment with plants and fresh flowers. Failing that, inspire yourself with a picture on the wall to look at while you eat. Simon explains, “Look around the room and think about the things that make you feel positive. Have a picture of something that motivates you, like a photo of a holiday destination you’re saving up to visit or a car you would love to buy”.

(from “The Sunday Mirror'')

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