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Will you be my daddy

"Do you think daddy will like papa like papa likes daddy?" Scorpius asked Teddy, who had trouble at first with understanding the question.

He wanted to snap at the boy to leave him alone, so he could read his book. Then remembered the promise he made to his dad, he took a deep breath and replied: "I don't know Scorpius, but dad told me he liked your dad, so there is a chance."

Scorpius clapped his hands, obviously excited to hear that. "That would be so great! I want to see papa happy again."

You're not the only one, Teddy thought.

Snape appeared in the doorway. "Since your dear father decided to give me the honor of looking after you two, I expect that there won't be too many problems. I don't care what you two are going to do, as long as you stay in the house and nothing gets damaged. I myself, will be working on some papers. Try to be calm and not disturb me unless it's urgent. Understood?" Snape said stern.

"Yes, uncle Sev." Two voices chorused.

"Good." Snape nodded brusquely and walked away.

Not wanting to disturb his new 'brother' (because that's what he was going to be, Scorpius was sure of that), Scorpius left the living room. He went up to his bedroom deciding to play with his toys until his daddy and papa came back.

Two hours later, Snape sent Teddy to get Scorpius so that they could have their snack. When Teddy arrived at Scorpius' bedroom, he noticed that the door was slightly open. He wanted to tell the young boy to come downstairs for their snack when he heard the boy mumbling. Curious he hid behind the door and listened.

"And when daddy likes papa too, then they're going to get married and they get a baby." Scorpius babbled and Teddy saw he was talking to a teddy bear.

"Daddy will look pretty with a belly, don't you think, Minnie? We're going to be a family: me, daddy, papa, Teddy and the baby. It's going to be great! I hope daddy gets a baby quick. Do you think that if I ask for a little brother or little sister for my birthday that daddy will get a baby? Mommy says the baby has to stay for nine months in the belly that's a long time, I think. I don't know how the baby gets in the belly."

Teddy could see Scorpius frowning and then he shook his head.

"Doesn't matter; I think I can wait nine months. That's the last thing on my list, so I have to wait cause I can't cross that out until the baby is here." Scorpius brought the bear to his face until his lips were at the bear's ear. "I hid the list under my pillow, but it's a secret. You can't tell papa that you know about the list, okay, Minnie? Oh, I have to go to the bathroom. Wait here, Minnie." Scorpius placed the bear on his little chair and toddled over to the other door in his room.

As soon as Teddy heard the door close, he ran into the room, straight to Scorpius' bed, searching for the 'list'.

What had Scorpius been talking about? What was this list? And what had the list to do with his dad? For that matter, why was that boy talking as if Teddy's dad could get pregnant? Only girls could get pregnant, right?

He raised the pillow and found a piece of folded paper. He threw the pillow away where it hit the bed with a soft 'thump' and opened the paper. He could do nothing but stare at it when he read what was on the list.

My second daddy has to be:



He has to cook good


He has to play with me


He has to give me a brother or sister

The first six things were crossed out. Teddy blinked and gaped. Why had Scorpius written this kind of list?

A gasp startled him and he dropped the paper. Scorpius ran to the bed and picked up the paper and clutched it to his chest. His wide grey eyes stared nervous at Teddy.

"Teddy, it's not nice to read papers that aren't yours." Scorpius tried to scold him, but his trembling voice ruined the intended effect.

"Why did you write such a list in the first place? And what has my dad to do with your list?" Teddy asked angry.

Scorpius looked nervously at his closed door. He didn't want his uncle to find out about the list. "I I just want to have a real family." He muttered softly, his eyes staring at the floor.

Whatever Teddy had expected to hear, this wasn't it. He stared dumbfounded at the younger boy in front of him.


"Mummy left papa when I was four; she said it was 'cause papa only loves men." Scorpius started to explain softly. "So, I wanted to help papa find a man he loves and I made up a list with the things my other daddy needs to have. Daddy has all these things and that's why papa likes him. Now they have to marry and get a baby and then my list can go away, cause I have a family then."

"So, saying they had to kiss and all that stuff was because you wanted my dad to like your dad?" Teddy asked confused.

Scorpius nodded ashamed and bit on his lower lip. "Are you mad at me?"

Teddy sighed and looked away. Was he mad at Scorpius? He should be, but he wasn't. After all, he knew how it felt to want a real family. He was happy with Harry alone and wouldn't wish for something else, but there were times when he thought about how his life could have been if his parents hadn't died. If he still had a mum and a dad, like all the other kids in his former class. As a matter of fact, when he had first entered the school, he had been teased with the fact that he didn't have two parents like the rest had. But when the children saw that the Harry Potter came to pick him up at the end of the school day and that Harry was his family, the teasing had stopped since they hadn't expected for him to have such a famous parent. Teddy learned early in life that not all people wanted to be friends with him because of him, but because that way they could get closer to Harry. Should he be mad at a boy that wanted to have the same thing as him? Just like Teddy, Scorpius just wanted to have a family and he had chosen Harry for that. And if Teddy had to go by the looks that his dad and Draco shared when they thought the boys weren't looking, he was fairly certain that they both would get what they wanted.

Teddy sighed again. "No, I'm not mad at you; it's nice that you wanted to make your dad happy, though I think you went overboard sometimes with what you did."

Scorpius looked confused and relieved at the same time. "What did I do wrong?"

"I think you annoyed your dad with all the pictures you made." Teddy smiled weakly.

"I just wanted to show papa that we could be a family." Scorpius blushed.

Teddy shook his head, but smiled. "Well, we will know tonight if you succeeded."

Scorpius bit on his lower lip and nodded.

Both boys jumped three feet in the air when Snape shouted: "GET DOWNSTAIRS NOW BEFORE I COME UPSTAIRS!"

They looked at each other and laughed nervously before dashing downstairs to eat their snacks.

After they had eaten their snacks, Scorpius went back to his room, intent on building Hogwarts again.

Teddy bit on his lip hesitantly, but decided that since they were now a family, he should give Scorpius an honest chance. Who knew, maybe he would like him as a little brother.

Scorpius looked up surprised when he saw Teddy standing in front of him and his building blocks.

"Do you mind if I help you build Hogwarts?" Teddy asked softly.

Scorpius beamed; Teddy finally wanted to play with him! He wasn't stupid, he had known that Teddy hadn't liked him. He had ignored all the glares and the snide remarks and comments of the boy, because he had focused on his daddy instead. But it had still hurt him whenever Teddy had shown he didn't like him. "You can start with building the towers, Teddy." Scorpius chirped.

Teddy smiled and settled down next to the little blond boy.

After they had built Hogwarts, they started on building a small town. They were so busy and so engrossed in their building work, that they never saw Severus standing in the doorway, looking at them with a raised eyebrow and a bemused look on his face.

Well, at least they don't cause trouble, he thought dryly and turned around and closed the door softly. Although he would still keep an eye on Teddy; he boy was after all a Lupin, a son of a Marauder, and the godson of the son of one of the Marauders. Not a very good combination and Snape winced when he thought about the fact that one day, Teddy Lupin would go to Hogwarts too and probably cause troubles there.

Like father, like son, he thought darkly when he settled back behind his paper work. Thank Merlin I won't be the one who has to deal with him.

He paused in his work when he remembered that he had promised Draco he would be teaching Scorpius and Teddy, starting next Monday. He glared at the white wall across of him, as if the wall was to blame for his predicament.

Those boys better behave or I'll show Draco and Potter that they still have reason to fear me, he though grim.

It was nearly seven p.m. when Scorpius started to get restless. He and Teddy had finished building Hogwarts and a part of Hogsmead a few hours ago and Severus had made sure they had eaten dinner an hour ago.

It had taken all of Severus' patience to not lash out when Scorpius had managed to spill all his soup over himself. He had merely gritted his teeth and sent a house elf to clean him up in the bathroom.

Scorpius had meekly apologized (uncle Sev was scary when he was angry) and Snape had merely nodded to him to eat further. Scorpius was sure that this meant that his uncle had forgiven him.

After dinner had ended, their uncle had gone back to his work and Scorpius had followed Teddy to one of their playrooms that coincidentally looked out at the gate, which meant he would see his daddy and his papa when they arrived home. He hoped that his papa had convinced his daddy to like him too.

Scorpius went to one of the large windows and climbed on the windowsill. He had wanted to play a bit more with Teddy, but Teddy had wanted to read one of his books. Scorpius figured that he shouldn't make Teddy angry now that he had made progress with the boy and had left him alone in one of the big fluffy chairs in front of the fireplace. The house elves had lit the fire so that it spread a nice soft glow through the room and it was comfortable warm.

It was getting dark outside; the sun was setting and it spread a soft orange glow over the grass field in front of the manor.

Scorpius began to fidget and shifted back and forth on the windowsill; he was getting impatient. What were his papa and his daddy doing?

He pressed his little hands against the cold glass and squinted to look at the gate. His grey eyes lit up when he saw two familiar figures appearing at the gate.

He grew excited when he saw his papa holding hands with daddy. Did this mean that they were a family now?

"Teddy, look! Papa and Daddy are back! They're holding hands!" Scorpius said excited. His whole body was trembling with excitement.

Teddy looked up from his book when Scorpius called him and he stood up and walked to the window. From their position at the window they could watch Draco and Harry when they stopped on the porch.

Teddy saw Draco stopping his dad with a hand on his chest. His dad looked up confused. Draco said something and bent down a bit to kiss his dad. Teddy blinked when he saw his dad putting his arms around Draco's neck and he kissed him back.

Well, that answers my question: dad does like Draco, Teddy thought and a small smile appeared on his face.

He shook his head smiling when Scorpius clapped excited next to him.

It will be nice to have a real family, he thought.

Chapter 17

Eventually Draco decided that they needed air (why they need something as trivial as air, Draco didn't know) and pulled back a bit. His breath came out in pants and he smiled satisfied when he met the dazed look Harry gave him.

Harry blinked and tried to get his brain to function again. That had been the most amazing kiss of his life. Why the hell he hadn't done this sooner, he didn't know.

"Well, I suspect we, euhm, should go inside." Draco himself looked flushed. "You know, freeing Severus of his babysitting nightmare."

Harry chuckled breathless. "Yeah, let's do that."

Draco smiled back and discreetly put his hand on Harry's back before guiding him inside.

A scowling Severus met them in the hallway. "You're here, finally! What took you so long?" He sneered. "I'm going home. I'll see you again tomorrow at eight a.m." With that, he immediately disappeared, leaving the two bemused men behind.

Two pair of feet running of the stairs alerted them to the fact that their boys were coming.

Scorpius immediately flung himself in Draco's arms, while Teddy walked up to Harry to embrace him.

"Did you miss us?" Draco asked amused.

Scorpius nodded fiercely. "Yes, but we were good today, Papa. Teddy and I built Hogsmead and a town."

"Is that so?" Harry asked smiling and ruffled over Teddy's blond hair. He was proud that Teddy had decided to try and befriend Scorpius. "I'm happy you did that, Teddy. I'm proud of you." He whispered in the boy's ear.

Teddy blushed and smiled shyly. If he got praise for it, then perhaps he wouldn't mind playing more with Scorpius. It certainly made his dad happy.

Draco glanced at the clock. "It's almost bedtime for you two. You didn't forget that uncle Sev will be back tomorrow for your lessons?"

The boys shook their head, smiling.

"But, Papa, did you have fun with Daddy?" Scorpius asked, his grey eyes shining.

Draco shared a quick glance with Harry that made the dark haired wizard blush. "Oh yes, we had fun, Scorpius."

"So are you together now?" Teddy asked curious.

Both men blushed. This time it was Harry who answered.

"Draco and I decided to give it a try." He smiled.

Scorpius clapped his hands. "That means you're real family now, doesn't it, Daddy?" He asked excited.

"I suppose." Harry said surprised.

"Well, it's time for you two to get some sleep." Draco announced and settled Scorpius on his hip. Teddy grabbed Harry's hand, but didn't object.

Scorpius whined, "But Papa, I want to hear what you did today with Daddy."

"No, Scorpius. It's time to go to sleep." Draco said sternly.

Scorpius pouted.

"Tell you what? If you go to sleep now, we tell you tomorrow what we did today." Harry suggested.

Scorpius beamed and somehow managed to give Harry a kiss on his cheek while hanging around Draco's neck.

"Okay, Daddy. We go to sleep now." Scorpius chirped.

Together they all went upstairs; Draco brought Scorpius to his room and Harry walked with Teddy to his room.

When Harry had tucked Teddy in and wanted to leave, he was halted by Teddy's question.

"Dad, can men get pregnant?"

Harry turned around to see Teddy sitting up in his bed, a curious and strangely troubled look on his face. He walked back and sat on Teddy's bed.

He stroked a few times over Teddy's blond hair and replied: "No, we can't. We don't have the necessary organs to be able to carry babies. Why do you ask that?"

Teddy bit on his lip, contemplating if he should tell his dad what Scorpius had told him or not. "I Scorpius said there were potions that could get men pregnant." He answered quietly. It wasn't exactly the truth; Scorpius had only said Harry would get pregnant, but he had never mentioned any potion. Teddy just figured if men would be able to get pregnant, they would probably get the help of potions or spells.

Harry cocked his head to the side. "Well, I don't know if there are such potions, but it seems unlikely. I mean, the potion would have to actually make new organs," He winced at the thought alone, "to be able to fit the baby in the man's body and I don't think a potion is capable of that much."

"Oh." Teddy only said, blinking. So there was no way his dad would get pregnant. Teddy felt guilty to admit that that thought relieved him. It was enough he had to share his dad with Scorpius and Draco, he didn't want to share him with a baby too. It was probably selfish of him, but was it really that weird he didn't want to share his dad? Relieved, he laid back down, snuggling under his covers.

Harry shook his head and smiled bemused. "I don't know where Scorpius came up with that, but that boy sure does have an imagination. He should be an author later." He joked and gave Teddy a soft kiss on his forehead. "Good night, Teddy."

"Good night, dad." Teddy smiled and closed his eyes.

Harry chuckled and closed the door softly behind him.

"What's so funny?" Draco's voice sounded amused.

He turned around and saw Draco just leaving his son's bedroom.

"Oh, nothing special. Just something Teddy told me." Harry replied smiling.

Draco raised an eyebrow and then shook his head. He walked back with Harry to his room and stopped right in front of the door.

"So, do you believe in sex on the first date?" Draco asked, smiling flirtingly.

Harry gave him a quick peck on his lips. "Not a chance." He smiled sweetly.

Draco pouted. "Hm, after how many dates do you consider it good enough to jump in bed with your partner?"

This time it was Harry's turn to raise an eyebrow. "My, my, Draco, be careful, or I'm going to think you're only interested in sex."

"Oh no, not at all, but I can't help it if your body drives me crazy." The blond wizard smirked.

Harry rolled his eyes. "How charming." He commented drily. "If you want to have sex with me, then you're going to have to make an effort to convince me that you're worth it."

Draco mused about this and then slowly nodded. "I think I can succeed in that. Now what do you think of a last kiss for tonight?"

"Well, I suppose a kiss won't hurt." Harry smiled and pressed his lips again on Draco's, clasping his hands around his waist in the meantime.

Draco decided to take a little bit advantage of Harry's relaxed state and coaxed his mouth open, letting his tongue slid inside to curl around the tongue he found there.

Both men shivered when their tongues met and again they pressed closer to each other. They continued kissing for a while and things started to heat up. Only when Harry felt Draco's hands sliding to his ass, he decided that it was time to stop before things got out of hand. He gave Draco a last soft kiss before he completely broke away, separating their mouths and he took a step back while pulled Draco's hands away from his ass.

"Good night, Draco, I'll see you tomorrow." He smiled and disappeared in his room, leaving a flushed Draco behind in the hallway.

Draco shook his head and walked to his room; he would never admit it, but he was glad when he reached his bed: since their last kiss, he had been trembling on his legs. Draco shook his head surprised; never before had someone managed to make his legs tremble by simply kissing him. He smiled when he slid into his bed; he had always known that Harry Potter had been something amazing: when they were students he had been amazingly annoying and now he was amazingly perfect.

Yes, he had made a good choice when he chose for Harry.

The next morning, Severus arrived at exactly eight a.m. like he said he would. He was a very punctual man after all.

Harry got to see him quick before he had to leave for his job and for a moment he stood awkwardly in the kitchen, not knowing if he should say a good morning to Severus or if the man would curse him after all, he was dating his godson now. Harry didn't think Severus would have ever imagined him a Potter as dating material for his godson.

"Well, what are you standing there like an utter moron, Potter? Don't you have a job to go to?" Severus snapped and placed his suitcase with Merlin knew what on one of the kitchen chairs. Scorpius and Teddy were collecting their books from their rooms before they would go to the study room for their first lesson.

Harry almost smiled at the snappish tone he had come to know so well. It relieved him in a weird way; the fact that Severus was still treating him the same as he always did, was proof that nothing had changed just because Harry was now dating Draco.

"I just wanted to say good morning to you, sir." Harry smiled and grabbed his jacket.

"Your brain did that long to say two words? My, I didn't know the Aurors were so desperate for new people, they would hire people with a slow mind like you." Severus sneered.

Harry chuckled. "It's good to have you back, sir."

"Brat, I never left." Severus said strangely calm. He nodded towards the front door. "Now hurry up; you won't be setting a good example for those two monsters you dare to call children if you show up too late for work."

"All right, sir, have a fun morning." Harry grinned.

"Trying to teach brats doesn't equal a fun morning, Potter." Severus replied drily.

"Be nice, Sev." Draco chided chuckling when he entered the kitchen. He halted Harry in his way to the hallway and gave him a quick kiss on his mouth. "See you tonight, Harry." He smiled.

Against his wishes, Harry blushed lightly and awkwardly cleared his throat. "Yeah, uhm, see you tonight." With that he nearly fled from the manor.

Draco chuckled and grabbed a cup of coffee.

"What are you planning, Dragon?" Severus asked with a sigh when he saw the smirk Draco was trying to hide by drinking his coffee.

"Oh nothing special." Draco shrugged. "Just that Harry said I will have to make an effort if I want to fuck him."

Severus stared at him. "What, you're going to tell me you didn't succeed already? My, Potter has risen in my opinion." He sneered.

"Now, that's just mean, Sev." Draco pouted.

"Save your pouting for Potter." The older man snapped. "Send those blasted brats to the study room when they finally decide they're ready for their lesson."

"Be nice to them; it won't do to frighten them on the first day, Severus." Draco chided, though he was half serious.

"If they use their brain, they have nothing to fear from me." Severus said calmly and left the kitchen to make his way to the study room on the second floor of the manor.

Draco shook his head smiling; it didn't matter how old Severus got, his character would always stay the same. Some moments Draco wasn't sure if that was a positive thing.

Teddy knew one thing certain after his first lesson with Severus: that man didn't joke around. As soon as he and Scorpius were in the room, they were directed to desks (each one placed at a different side of the room, to keep them from disturbing each other) and the lesson began. Since Teddy and Scorpius weren't of the same age, they couldn't have the same lessons together. Instead Severus would explain something to one boy and while that boy worked on his exercises, Severus would go to the other to explain his lesson.

When their first day of homeschooling finally ended at three p.m. Teddy's head felt so stuffed from all the things he had learned today, that he promptly fell asleep when he sat on his bed.

He woke up when he felt a soft hand running through his hair and he blinked sleepily. Slowly the room came into sight and he noticed his dad sitting on his bed with a tired but smiling face.

"Hey, buddy, how did your first school day go? Snape didn't scare you, did he?" Harry asked softly.

Teddy yawned and sat up, rubbing his hands in his eyes. "No, it was interesting. Uncle Sev can explain the lesson really well, but he just went on and on. My head is so full right now." He yawned again.

Harry chuckled. "Yeah, I know what you mean. That man is a brilliant tutor but he doesn't know when to quit."

"How did your day go, dad?" Teddy asked and leaned his head against Harry's shoulder.

A dark look took over Harry's face for a moment before he plastered a fake smile on his face. "It went fine; the usual cases." He petted Teddy's brown hair for the last time before he stood up. "It's time for dinner, Teddy. After dinner, I have a surprise for you and Scorpius."

That was the only thing Teddy needed to hear to fully wake up. "A surprise? What is it?" He asked eagerly.

Harry shook his head smiling. "Nope, not going to tell you now. You have to wait until after dinner."

Teddy pouted but stood up. "That's not fair, dad."

Harry chuckled. "I know." He led Teddy outside his room. "I have to get rid of some documents, but you can go to the dining room already."

Teddy nodded and skipped downstairs.

Harry sighed and ranked a hand through his unruly hair and walked into his room. He threw the documents in his hand on his desk and stared out of the window. Today had been the most frustrating day ever. Kingsley had nagged him until he finally had admitted who had given him the information about the unidentified potion ingredients and then it had all gone worse.


Kingsley stared at him incredulous. "I'm sorry, Harry, I don't think I heard you right. Who did you say has given you the information?"

Harry sighed and resisted the urge to rank his hand through his hair. "The information about the unidentified potion ingredients was given to me by Severus Snape."

The other man leaned back in his chair. "I really wanted to hear something else." He sighed. "I thought that man was dead."

"Well, I thought that too, but apparently he had an antidote against the poison of Voldemort's snake and he survived the attack."

"And why did nobody hear he was alive for all these years?"

Harry shrugged. "Apparently he didn't want anyone to know where he was. Personally I can't blame him; the public wouldn't have been positive about him and he would have gotten more problems than during the war."

Kingsley's eyes hardened and lines appeared around his mouth. "I don't think I would have blamed the public if they attacked Snape."

Harry stared at him. "Excuse me, sir?"

"Snape isn't exactly an innocent person, Harry. He was a Death Eater and he killed Dumbledore. He probably killed more people that we don't know about. It would have been better if he just had died. Where does he live?"

"Why do you want to know where Snape lives?" Harry asked, his temper rising. True, Snape wasn't exactly innocent, but he was remorseful over his actions as a Death Eater (Harry himself had seen that in Snape's memories) and most things he had done, he had been ordered to by Dumbledore. Dumbledore himself had been the one to order Snape to kill him. Snape wasn't one of his favorite people and he could be a real bastard, but Harry believed Snape was a good man.

"He needs to be on trial for the death of Dumbledore of course and for his actions during the war." Kingsley answered frowning.

"Wait, you want to give this man a trial for actions he wasn't responsible for and was ordered to do?" Harry asked incredulous.

"Harry, he killed Dumbledore and many others. He needs to be punished." The other man scowled.

"Dumbledore ordered Snape to kill him; I have the memories in the pensive to prove it. He doesn't need to be punished."

"Harry, come on, be reasonable. He deserves a punishment."

"No, he doesn't. He paid for his crimes when he was under Dumbledore's service! He gave his life to help others; the last thing he needs is a trial. Besides he helped me to give three possibilities for the ingredient. Do you really want to punish a man that helped other people and now he's helping me?" Harry asked, his voice dangerously low, his green eyes flashing.

Kingsley stood up and for the first time anger showed on his face. "Potter, do I need to remind you that I'm still your superior? I want Snape's address! If you don't want to arrest him, then I'll send other Aurors, but that man will have a trial and I'll personally see to it that he goes to Azkaban for a long time."



"No, I'm not giving you the address. I'm not letting you put Snape in prison. He doesn't deserve that." Harry snapped and crossed his arms.

"Potter, if you don't give me the address, I will have no choice than to fire you for not only obstruction of justice, but for aiding and abetting a wanted criminal." Kingsley spat.

"Well, I will save you the trouble and resign. But I warn you that I will defend Snape against anyone who dares to arrest him." Harry growled and left the office. That was the last time he would ever set foot in this building again. The only thing he did was taking the documents concerning the murderer with him. Maybe he could find some clue, even though the murderer had quieted down after the last victim just like Snape had predicted.

End flashback

So now he wasn't an Auror anymore. Great how would he explain this to Teddy? Harry sighed and decided to wait with telling Teddy until later. He didn't want to ruin the surprise.

He plastered a smile on his face when he entered the dining room as to not worry Scorpius and Teddy, but unfortunately, one look at Draco's face told him Draco wasn't that quick to believe him.

Harry sighed inwardly and took his place next to Draco wait, since when was he seated next to Draco?

Draco took the opportunity to give him a kiss on his mouth. "Are you all right? And don't dare to lie." He whispered in his ear.

"I'll tell you later." Harry sighed softly.

Draco nodded and gave his hand under table a soft squeeze. "Bon appétit." He grinned.

Teddy smiled and Scorpius giggled.

All during dinner, Scorpius told them enthusiastically about their first school day. Teddy occasionally said something too, but he was more content to just listen well that and he wanted to know what the surprise was.

After dinner had ended, Teddy almost was bouncing up and down from excitement.

They were all seated in the living room when Teddy finally couldn't hold himself back any longer.

"Dad, are you finally going to tell what the surprise is?" Teddy asked with sparkling blue eyes.

Scorpius' head shot up when he heard the word 'surprise'. "Surprise? Daddy has a surprise?" He asked excited and clapped his hands.

"You know it's Halloween tomorrow, right?" Harry asked and smiled.

Both boys nodded enthusiastically.

"Well, I hid a Halloween surprise for you guys in your rooms; go search it." Harry winked.

With a big grin, both boys ran upstairs, hurrying to their rooms.

"What did you get them?" Draco asked interested and pulled Harry next to him, hugging him against his side.

"I got them costumes to go trick or treating tomorrow." Harry replied grinning.

"You're going to be the death of me, Harry James Potter. Now Scorpius won't ever calm down." Draco groaned.

Harry chuckled and gave the other man a kiss on his cheek. "Sorry. But I couldn't help it; the costumes were so cute."

Draco was very tempted to deepen the kiss, but he reminded that something was wrong with Harry and he sighed. "Are you going to tell me what happened that made you upset?"

"I'm not upset." Harry protested.

"Your eyes are not as sparkling as they usually are." Draco commented idly and stroked the black hair. "So I know there's something wrong."

Harry stared at him; not knowing if he should feeling flattered or being freaked out that Draco paid that much attention to him. "Euhm, nothing special. Just that IresignedbecauseIdidn'twanthimtogetarrested." He said in one breath.

Draco looked confused. "What did you say? Sorry but I couldn't understand that."

Harry sighed and sat up right. "I kind of resigned because Kingsley wanted me to arrest Snape or at least give him the address so that he could give Snape a trial. I refused and he threatened to fire me and I told him I resigned. So basically I have no job now."

Draco blinked. "Wait, you gave up your job to protect Severus?"

Harry scowled. "Don't say it like that; I just didn't like that they wanted to put him in Azkaban even after he spent most of his life helping other people."

Draco smiled and pulled Harry on his lap. "Severus will be grateful that you defended him."

"No, he won't. The bastard doesn't understand the concept of gratitude." Harry grumbled.

Draco chuckled and kissed Harry's nose. "Still it was nice of you."

"Yeah, but me being nice leads to me not having a job." Harry sighed, the implications of having resigned only settling in now. What would he do now?

"We'll figure out something." Draco promised.

They both looked to the door when Scorpius and Teddy ran into the room again, both dressed in their costumes.

Scorpius was dressed as a little vampire, complete with fake sharp teeth and Teddy was dressed as a little werewolf. The costume had come with the ears and fluffy paw gloves. The only thing he missed was whiskers on his cheeks, but Harry would put those on his face when they would go trick or treating.

"And do you like the surprise, boys?" Harry asked nervous. He hadn't known for sure if he should have bought his godson a werewolf costume since it was a sensitive subject because of Remus. But when he had seen the costume, it had looked so perfect for Teddy.

"It's fantastic!" Scorpius laughed excited. "Look, Papa, I'm a vampire!" He showed the pointy teeth.

"Oh, I'm scared." Draco pretended to shiver.

Scorpius giggled and flew onto the couch, snuggling into Draco's right side.

Teddy snuggled against Harry's side, his paws resting on Harry's leg.

"And do you like it, Teddy? I can buy something else if you want another costume." Harry murmured softly.

Teddy shook his head. "No, I don't want another costume. I really like it, dad." He murmured and smiled shyly.

Harry smiled relieved. "I'm glad to hear that." He chuckled.

"Thank you, Daddy!" Scorpius chirped and kissed Harry's cheek.

"It was nothing, Scorpius." Harry smiled.

The next evening, two eager boys, dressed in their costumes, were impatiently waiting for their parents to take them trick and treating.

It was actually the first time Teddy and Scorpius would go trick and treating. Teddy hadn't gone the past years because his dad hadn't had the time for it and his grandma didn't understand the fun of it. Scorpius hadn't gone because most of the times, his papa had forgotten about the holiday or was busy with a fling.

Harry smiled when he saw the two excited boys.

"Ready to go trick or treating?" He asked smiling.


"Let's go."

Slowly they walked through the streets, the two adults waiting for Scorpius and Teddy when they had gone up to a house to do their trick or treating.

"You know, I wouldn't have minded it if you had put on a costume too." Draco muttered in Harry's ear, his breath coming out in white clouds.

Harry glanced at him amused. "Oh? Which costume would you have liked to see me in then?"

Draco leered at him. "Oh, maybe a cat costume with the paws and ears. Or a little devil."

Harry rolled his eyes. "You're perverted, Draco."

"But you know you love that." Draco winked.

Harry chuckled and shook his head.

As the evening went on, the bags of Scorpius and Teddy got fuller and fuller with all sorts of candy and Draco dreaded the moment where Scorpius would eat all that candy and got on a high sugar rush. It wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Eventually they decided to visit the shop of George since it had been a while that Harry had seen him. He was one of the few Weasleys Harry had still contact with.

"Hiya Harry! Good to see you! And hello there Teddy!" George grinned, but his smile faltered when he noticed Draco and Scorpius.

Not wanting a fight to break out, Harry hastily said "Draco and I decided to bury the hatchet and be friends, hope you don't mind that, George? He'll behave I promise."

"We decided to try being lovers; we passed the stage of friendship." Draco reminded Harry smugly, but had to catch his breath when Harry elbowed him in the stomach.

Harry went red. "I said behave Draco." He hissed.

George laughed. "This is priceless. Did Ginny turn you gay, Harry?"

Harry went redder. "What? No! Of course not!"

"He became gay for me." Draco smirked and sneaked his arms around Harry's waist; a daring move in front of a Weasley.

George shook his head, but kept smiling. "You know what? I don't care if you're together with Malfoy. As long as you're happy, then I'm okay with it, little brother." Then he turned to Draco. "But if you ever hurt him, I'm going to use some very painful curses on you that will make you beg for your mommy." He said serious.

"Completely understood." Draco nodded.

"Now, do you want some new toys to play with, boys?" George addressed Teddy and Scorpius who nodded enthusiastically.

"Follow me." George winked.

"Well, I must say, he's one of the few Weasleys who managed to use their brain." Draco commented idly, still not releasing Harry.

"Be careful, Draco, it would ruin your reputation if someone heard you complimenting a Weasley." Harry snickered.

Draco sneered and tightened his grip.

"Malfoy? What the fuck are you doing here with Harry?" Suddenly a shrill voice screamed.

Oh shit, was the only thought that went through Harry's head.

Chapter 18

With dread, Harry turned his head (since his body was securely held against Draco's and Draco didn't seem ready to let him go anytime soon) and saw Ginny standing in the middle of the shop. She was dressed in a poisonous green strapless dress that showed too much of her cleavage.

"Good evening, Ginny." Harry said politely.

Her cheeks flared even redder and her brown eyes were almost spitting fire. Harry had forgotten how temperamental the Weasleys could get and he winced at the thought of the upcoming fight.

"Why are Malfoy's arms around you, Harry?" Ginny asked hissing.

Harry sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"Because he's my lover." Draco answered coldly.

Harry groaned inwardly; why, oh why, was he with someone who didn't know when to keep his mouth shut?

"Are you delusional, Malfoy?" Ginny asked mocking. "Harry is so not your lover!"

Draco raised a blond eyebrow. "Oh no? Why do you think he has my arms around him? Because he was cold?"

"Draco, please, I really am not in the mood for a fight now." Harry sighed, but didn't remove the arms around his waist. Hey, he felt comfortable with Draco's arms around him!

"Since when are you calling him Draco, Harry? You can't seriously tell me that this filthy piece of scum is your lover?" She asked incredulous.

Harry sighed again. "Ginny, please, I don't want a fight. Draco and I decided to try a relationship." He shrugged.

Brown eyes almost popped out of her head. "What? That can't be! You can't be gay, Harry!"

"And why not?" Draco asked and he almost sounded amused.

"Because he had been with me! He has been with no one else since we broke up, so he can't be gay!" Ginny replied triumphantly.

"Hn. Ever thought of the fact that maybe you made him gay, Weaslette? I can't blame him." Draco smirked.

At this Ginny shrieked: "FUCK YOU, FERRET!"

"No, thank you. I have no desire to fuck someone who's a walking disease." Draco made a disgusted face.

Immediately tears sprung up in Ginny's eyes. "Harry, how can you let him say that about me?" She cried and looked at him pitifully.

Harry shook his head. "I think it's better if you leave now, Ginny."

"But Harry," Her lower lip trembled. "I wanted to make amends with you! I wanted to give our relationship another try. I promise you I will make you happier than him!"

"Ginny, we don't have a relationship anymore. I broke up with you, five years ago, for a reason. I'm sorry, but I don't want to try again. I'm with Draco now and he makes me happy." Harry said calm, but serious. He could swear he felt Draco grinning smugly behind him.

"You don't mean that, Harry! You're just confused now; I'm sure that once we have talked, you'll see that I'm better for you than Malfoy." Ginny said hopefully.

"Oh really? What makes you better than me? From what I've heard, Harry caught you cheating that doesn't make a good impression, Weasley. You had your chance with him and you blew it." Draco sneered.

Ginny puffed out her cheeks, making her look like she had hid food in her cheeks, but said smugly: "I can give him an heir, something that you can never do, Malfoy." Her eyes shone triumphantly.

Draco tensed and wanted to inform her about certain kinds of potion that made it able for men to get pregnant, but Harry interrupted him.

"I don't care if we can't get an heir, Ginny. I already have two sons: Teddy and Scorpius." He said forcefully and a hard look appeared in his eyes.

"Oh Please! A Malfoy brat and that clinging whelp you consider as your sons? My, Harry, your standards have lowered since you have been away from me." She sneered, but didn't manage to hide a jealous tone.

"All right, that's it! I don't need to listen to your bullshit anymore. I've said it once and I say it again: you're nothing but a whiny whore who can't get it through your head that the world doesn't revolve around you." Harry hissed and his green eyes flashed. "I pity the victim you choose as your next boyfriend, Ginny, I really do." He broke free of Draco's hold and grabbed Scorpius' and Teddy's hands who had been standing behind them. "Come on, boys, do you have your candy and the toys Uncle George gave you?"

The boys nodded; they were too scared to answer verbally. They had never seen Harry that angry not even Teddy had seen him like this when he had broken up with Ginny. Granted, he had been in his room when Harry had broken up with the bitch, but he had heard their voices through the wooden floor and never once had he detected anger in his dad's voice. Now however, his dad's eyes were practically spitting fire. What had Ginny said to make him that angry? He had only heard the last part of the conversation where Harry had said that he and Scorpius were his sons. Harry may have said it to him already, but it had felt good to hear him saying that in public.

Scorpius stared wide-eyed at Harry. Even his papa had never been this angry. He felt nervous holding his daddy's hand and he scolded himself for it his daddy would never hurt him. Besides, he had said to that mean lady that he and Teddy were his sons.

They left a gaping Ginny behind and when they entered the alley next to the shop, they apparated immediately.

As soon as they were inside of the manor, Harry dropped the hold he had on Teddy's hand and stalked off to a room somewhere upstairs, his face cloudy and his hand tightened the grip on his wand.

Teddy and Scorpius wanted to follow their daddy, but they were stopped by a hand on their shoulders. They turned around and looked questioningly at Draco.

Draco shook their head, his eyes concerned and trained on the room upstairs that Harry had entered. "Boys, I think it's best that you wait in the living room for Harry to come back."

"Why? Is Daddy mad at us?" Scorpius asked with a small voice.

"No, of course not. He's mad at the red haired lady in the shop. Your Daddy is just " Draco hesitated, trying to find the right word.

"Letting off some steam?" Teddy offered.

Draco nodded surprised.

"Dad does that sometimes when someone has annoyed him too much." Teddy mumbled and made his way to the living room, placing his two bags (one filled with candy and one with the joke toys he had gotten from his uncle George) on the coffee table. He settled himself on the couch, pulling off his paws and removing the ears on his head. He wondered if his dad would be angry for the rest of the night. That had happened a few times before.

He glanced up when he felt a small warm boy snuggling next to him. Draco had left them to call for some house elf.

"Do you think Daddy will stay mad for long?" Scorpius asked timidly after he had removed his fake sharp teeth.

Teddy sighed and let his head fall back on the couch. "I don't know, Scorpius. It depends on how mad Ginny has made him."

"Why was that lady so mean to Daddy?" Scorpius asked curious. He figured that since Teddy hadn't snapped at him earlier, it was safe to ask more questions.

Teddy was feeling too tired to be annoyed at Scorpius' question and decided to just answer. "Because that lady tried to convince dad that she was better for him than your dad."

Teddy couldn't suppress his amused snort when he saw Scorpius scowling. It was a rather funny sight, seeing a six year old trying to scowl angrily.

"But Daddy belongs to Papa." Scorpius said stubbornly.

"You think so?" Teddy asked amused.

"Yes. Papa can only make Daddy happy; not that mean lady." Scorpius pouted and crossed his arms.

"Well, dad didn't deny that." Teddy smiled weakly.

Suddenly Scorpius looked around carefully, before bringing his head to Teddy's ear to whisper: "Do you think that Papa will know it if I ate some candy now?" Huge grey eyes looked at him.

Teddy couldn't contain a chuckle; really, this boy could be hilarious if he wanted to. "Not if you do it when they don't see it."

"Then I'm going to hide my candy." Scorpius chirped and jumped off the couch. He grabbed his bags, but before he ran to his room, he turned to Teddy and bit on his lip. "You won't tell Papa I take my candy to my room?"

"My lips are sealed." Teddy smirked. Really, why would he care what the little brat did?

Scorpius beamed and ran upstairs to hide his candy. Teddy shook his head and hoped that the boy wasn't someone that would go on a sugar high. With his luck lately, the boy would be a bouncing sugar high brat.

He was startled when his dad appeared in the doorway.

"Are you all right, dad?" He asked softly.

Harry fell next to him on the couch. "Don't worry about me." He smiled tiredly and ruffled Teddy's now brown hair. He looked around and raised an eyebrow. "Where is Scorpius?"

"He went to his room for a minute." Teddy shrugged.

"So how many items do I need to replace in that room?" Draco asked casually and entered the living room.

Harry smiled sheepishly. "A table, two chairs and a vase. That dark brown one with the flower pictures." He added.

Draco waved his hand carelessly and somehow managed to find a spot next to Harry to sit. "Don't worry about the vase, I never liked it anyway." He replied amused.

Harry sighed and started to caress Teddy's hair. Teddy leaned against his dad's shoulder and closed his eyes, enjoying the caress.

"Sorry you had to deal with Ginny. If I had known she would have been there, I would have waited for a later moment to visit George." Harry murmured.

"But you didn't know that. Besides, we would have met her sooner or later anyway." Draco snorted.

They looked up when Scorpius entered the room, clad in his pajamas.

"Hey there, little man, are you ready to go to sleep? Uncle Sev will be here tomorrow to continue your lessons." Draco said softly.

Scorpius nodded. "I'm ready, Papa."

"All right, I'll take you to bed." Draco said and stood up, grabbing Scorpius' hand.

"It's time for you to go to sleep too, Teddy." Harry smiled.

When he received no answer, he looked down and chuckled softly when he saw Teddy sleeping on his shoulder.

"Guess Trick or Treating tired him out." Harry whispered amused. Carefully, he slid from underneath Teddy, but held Teddy's head with his hand as to not wake him up.

Softly he lowered the boy down on the couch and first grabbed the two bags, stuck his wand in his back pocket and slowly lifted his godson in his arms.

Carefully as to not disturb the boy, Harry walked up the stairs, pushing the door of the bedroom open with his foot and placed the boy on his bed. With a swish of his wand, Teddy's wolf costume was replaced with green pajamas and Harry tucked him in. He gave him a soft kiss on Teddy's forehead before leaving the room, soundlessly closing the door.

He almost jumped three feet in the air when he turned around to see Draco standing behind him.

"Are you really all right, Harry?" Draco asked concerned.

Harry scowled. "I'm not a pathetic girl that's freaked out by an ex lover, Draco. Sure, Ginny was especially annoying tonight, but it wasn't something I can't handle. You don't need to worry about me." He said annoyed.

"Now what kind of lover would I be if I didn't worry about you?" Draco smiled and took his hand.

"One who doesn't get punched." Harry smiled sweetly.

Draco blinked and pouted. "That isn't nice, Harry."

"Life isn't nice, Draco." Harry said amused and made his way to his room.

Draco followed him closely behind. "Harry, I'm going to ask you something and you have to promise you will think about it before you give me an answer, all right?" He asked, sounding strangely nervous.

Harry looked at him warily, but nodded. "As long as you don't start about sex, then fine."

Damn, Draco thought inwardly pouting. "No, that's not what I was going to ask." He said and looked at him hopefully. "Would you mind it if I slept in the same bed with you tonight?"

Harry stared at him.

"There won't be any sex well, unless you want me to but I just want to sleep with you tonight." Draco hurriedly continued, in case Harry got the wrong idea.

"Why would you suddenly want to sleep with me? Is this about Ginny for some stupid reason?" Harry asked confused.

Grey eyes narrowed. "No, it isn't about her." Draco replied through clenched teeth. If it had been up to him, he would have hexed the red haired whore so badly, she would be begging for her mother by the time he was done with her. And no, he wasn't jealous and no, he didn't feel threatened. He just couldn't stand the whore that had made his Harry miserable for a while. "I just want to fall asleep with you."

Harry studied him for a while, but then decided there was no reason to refuse. Of course, it would be slightly awkward, since it had been a long while that he had slept with someone in the same bed and it was a man at that, but what could it hurt? If Draco couldn't keep his hands to himself, he would kick him out of his bed and make him sleep on the floor.

"Fine, just keep your hands to yourself." Harry shook his head and opened the door of his bedroom.

"I still can hug you, right?" Draco asked for confirmation, though he was already beaming.

"As long as you keep your hands above the waist, then yes, you may hug me." Harry rolled his eyes, but was secretly amused.

"I'll be a good boy." Draco promised grinning.

"Somehow that doesn't comfort me as it should." Harry said drily. "Now turn around while I change."

"You know, there will be a time where you don't want me to turn around while you change." Draco hinted smugly, but turned around anyway.

"Maybe, but that time is not now, so deal with it." Harry smiled and crawled into his bed.

Without any shame, Draco started to undress until he was left in his boxers and Harry quickly looked away, a blush covering his cheeks. No, he wasn't embarrassed; he just wanted to give Draco some privacy.

But if Draco wanted privacy was another question.

Harry startled when his hand met naked skin when Draco slid next to him in bed.

"Draco, why are you only wearing your boxers? Shouldn't you go change into your pajamas? It's quite cold in the morning." Harry hinted.

"I always wear boxers to bed or I'm completely naked, but that's only in the summer." Draco murmured and pulled Harry in his arms, snuggling him to his chest.

"Draco, I swear to Merlin, if you try something you will have to search for you balls for a long time." Harry warned him.

Draco chuckled. "Understood." He gave him a sweet kiss on his lips. "Sleep well, Harry."

"Good night, Draco." Harry mumbled and his eyes slipped close.

Draco smiled tenderly and stroked a few times over Harry's cheek. He could get used to this. Not long after, he followed Harry in the land of dreams.

The following day, Harry was found sitting at the kitchen table, staring in his cup of coffee, wondering what he would do with his life now that he had quit his job. He had looked at the case yesterday, but nothing new had come up. Now that the murderer was silent, they couldn't get many clues unless the victims woke up. But in order to wake up the victims, they had to have an antidote. Even though they had now a list of three possible ingredients, it would be risky to make an antidote with one of them if they didn't know for sure if the ingredient was the right one. If they choose the wrong ingredient, the victims would die of the antidote. On the other hand, they were now slowly dying too.

Harry sighed and rubbed his eyes.

Draco sat next to him, looking worried, but he didn't say anything. The two boys were already waiting in the study room, reading a book while they were waiting for their tutor to show up.

Harry blinked when a black figure showed up in his vision and when he looked up, he saw Snape standing in the kitchen, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"What are you still doing here, Potter? Do I really need to remind you every morning that you have to work to go to? You are not a student anymore, so I suggest you start acting like the responsible adult you are." Snape sneered and accepted the cup of coffee a house elf gave him.

Harry glowered at him, but didn't reply.

However Draco answered for him. "He quit his job, Sev." He said softly.

Harry looked at him scandalized. "Draco, who said I gave you permission to tell him this? Did it occur to you that I wanted to keep that private for a little while more?" He asked angrily.

"Harry, be reasonable. How long would you have kept Severus in the dark? He's here almost every day. You couldn't possibly tell him you are on a vacation." Draco argued, not wanting to back down. He didn't like seeing Harry angry at him, but it was ridiculous to think Severus wouldn't say anything about him staying at home.

"I'm still present in this room, idiotic brats. I would appreciate it if you would stop talking about me as if I wasn't present." Snape interjected drily.

Draco had the grace to look sheepish. "Sorry, Sev."

"Hmpf." Snape snorted. "Why did you quit your job, Potter? I thought you loved being an Auror; at least that gave you an excuse to play the hero."

"I don't need to play an hero, sir." Harry replied through clenched teeth. He seriously needed to remind himself why exactly he had defended this man.

Draco sighed. "Because he defended you and didn't want you to be arrested."

If a glare could kill, Draco would be dead by now.

"Draco, don't you ever know how to shut up?" Harry hissed and clenched his fists. Snape would probably laugh at him now well, if the jerk could laugh at least. He could already hear the snarky comments 'Are you that much of a hero you even defend ex Death Eaters, Potter?'

Harry's cheeks burned when Snape stared at him with unreadable eyes. He had always hated the fact that he could never read Snape's face. It would be so much easier if he could guess what Snape thought; at least that way he would be able to steel himself against the sarcastic comments, Snape was famous for.

Snape's reply however left Harry baffled.

"I never thought I would have to thank you for helping me, Potter. I guess that miracles still do happen, no?" The man smirked. "Although you still were stupid for helping me in the first place. Try to use your brains for once, boy."

It's official: the world has gone mad, Harry thought amazed. Snape has just thanked me in his own way. Next thing I know, he will be telling me stories about my mom.

"Idiotic brat." Snape muttered and he sounded amused. "You didn't need to help me."

"Probably not, but you already said it, sir. We Gryffindors are heroic idiots who want to save everyone." Harry said and he surprised himself by chuckling.

"You're a strange brat, Potter." Snape murmured. "Perhaps you're not that bad after all."

Maybe associating with Snape on a daily basis won't be so bad, Harry thought and he took a sip of his coffee.

Maybe he should look through the Daily Prophet for job offers. With that in mind, Harry nodded to Draco and Snape and left to his room to read the newspaper. Who knew, maybe he would find something interesting.

Chapter 19

Black eyes stared at a bouncing and twitching Scorpius. The eyes then turned to Teddy who was looking slightly amused at the blond boy.

"Scorpius Malfoy, what on earth are you doing? Sit still, you look like an idiot." Snape glared.

Teddy bit on his lip to keep his chuckle inside. He thought he had an idea of what was happening with the blond boy. The brat had probably eaten a lot of his candy which gave him a sugar rush. He wondered how much Scorpius had eaten of his candy, but decided he didn't want to know; it must have been a lot to have the boy twitching and bouncing this much.

"I'm sorry, uncle Sev. I don't know what's wrong; I can't sit still." Scorpius pouted and his hands tapped the desk.

Dark eyes narrowed when a memory of a younger Draco entered his mind, looking like this exactly. "Scorpius, did you eat, by any chance, candy?"

Scorpius bit on his lip, but nodded. He hadn't wanted to eat so much, but once he had started, it had tasted so good and he had just kept going He had only a fourth left of the original amount. "Sorry, uncle Sev."

Snape sighed and pinched his nose, trying to keep his anger in check. It wouldn't do to get angry at the boy; like every child he couldn't resist the call of candy and had probably eaten a large amount. Besides it was in his blood; his father had a severe sweet tooth too.

"I can't fathom why your father would let you eat so much sugar when he knows what it does with you." He said annoyed.

Scorpius bit on his lip and lowered his eyes; his legs now bouncing up and down.

Snape narrowed his eyes. "Does your father know that you ate that much sugar, Scorpius?"

"Maybe." The boy answered meekly.

Snape gritted his teeth and reminded himself that cursing six year old boys was not a good idea. No matter how tempting the thought sounded.

"Why didn't you stop him before he consumed that much sugar?" He snapped at Teddy.

Teddy raised his hands in defeat. "How was I supposed to know he would eat that much candy? It's not like we sleep in the same room." He answered innocently.

A black eye twitched. "You remind me too much of your father." He growled.

Teddy looked confused. "My real father or Prongslet?"

"Both." Snape replied through gritted teeth.

Teddy beamed as if it was a compliment.

"That was not a compliment, insolent brat." Snape growled.

Teddy shrugged; a daring move. Of course, that was to be suspected of the son of a Marauder and the godson of a Marauder's son. Only someone with Gryffindor blood in their veins or family of a Marauder would ever dare to shrug when Snape said something.

It took all of Snape's patience not to strangle the boy. He quickly took several deep breaths and his hands gripped the table, leaving marks behind. "Since Scorpius decided it was prudent to consume a massive amount of sugar, I suspect it would be wise if we spend this day in the gardens, studying the vari

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