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To bring with itself a part of the Crimea

To bring with itself a part of the Crimea - it is quite real, it is necessary to visit only some Crimean souvenir markets which choice of production pleases the eye, and quite acceptable prices give the chance to get souvenirs as a gift to friends and relatives.


Supports under hot, made ​​of fragrant wood species, for example cypress. Wood, when heating allocate a pleasant smell.  
Rapana – edible mollusks. You can eat them, as oysters or mussels. Beautiful twisted shell varnish and sell.
Miniature bottles of essential oils. Recently, it is almost the most popular souvenir of the Crimea. Aromas of can be played, creating an amazing combination, clean the air indoors in winter.
Crimean wine is highly valued for their naturalness. Every one of You among the proposed diversity will be able to find a wine that appealed to him. All Crimean wines of high quality, excellent taste and uniqueness
In any decent bookshop it is obligatory show you the shelf with books about the Crimea. Best-seller of all times of the people – «Legends of the Crimea».


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