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These strange Russians


My dear readers! I wrote this text in order to warn you about those weird Russians. I have been visited Russia recently, and I was really shocked. My expectations didn’t match reality…hard reality. However, Russia always will be the most mysterious country for me. Despite the time, which was spent there, I won’t be able to understand people who live there.

First of all, I thought that there are only two big cities in Russia and the rest of the territory is called Siberia. It isn’t actually true; there are several big cities just about six cities I guess. Secondly, I have well-known stereotype about bears which always go for a walk in the streets and make traffic jams. Some of them wear lapti and can play balalayka (triangular wooden thing). But, unfortunately, I didn’t see themL. As for Russian people I should say that my opinion about them is too ambiguous. On the other side most of them are so impolite, aggressive and nasty, that you start to think you have never come back in Russia again. But I have several Russian friends and they are nice people indeed. I believe all Russians are sincere, they don’t hesitate to show their emotions. If they are sad, they look sad, if they are happy they will shine smiling. They can get angry only in the mornings, when they have to go to work. I noticed that all Russians hate their job and complain about low salary. But near their friends and family they have big changes. They immediately become the kindest, warmest and friendliest people in the world. Besides, I like Russian women very much. They are truly beautiful, wise and strong-willed. From my observations I concluded that Russian woman can easily manipulate their men. A woman often makes the most important decisions in a family.

Oh, I forgot to tell you something! Roads in Russia are really awful. I thought I would never get necessary place. Most of Russian drivers are crazy people, I’m afraid of them. Moreover, as everybody heard, climate is very severe there, especially I mean Siberia. I have never seen so much snow anywhere!

So, I mentioned the main points about Russians. I hope it will be useful for somebody. Moreover, I’m going to write down some phrases, which can help you to survive in the country full of different surprises. Look through them:

«Kak zhytyha, kak ono?» (sometimes instead of their usual «kak dela?» they use these phrases which mean «How are you?»).

«Samy ne mestnye» (use if you don’t want to say to a person where the necessary place for him is. Ok, or you just know where is it).

«Pomogyte mne» («Help me!»).

«Priyatnogo appetita» (you must say it to others before you eat something)

«Spoky-noky, spokoinoy» (means «Good night»).

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