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Billy rolled to the side as the creature fell on him. Its teeth grazed his neck, catching in his hair. He felt its hot, sour breath on his face.

Billy gagged. He couldn’t breathe.

Yellow eyes stared down at him. He shoved the creature away with both hands.

What is it? he wondered. Is it a wolf?

The creature attacked again.

Billy held the charred table leg in front of his face. The creature’s fangs sank into the wood.

With a yelp it fell back, shaking the stick from its mouth.

Billy scrambled to his feet. Yes—it’s a wolf! he realized.

He dove for the wooden table leg. Grabbed it off the ground. And spun around, holding it in front of him like a sword.

The wolf leapt again.

And Billy drove the wooden table leg deep into its chest.

The yellow eyes narrowed in pain. But the creature didn’t cry out, didn’t utter a sound.

Billy stared at the deep hole in the wolf’s chest. No blood. It didn’t bleed.

Not a regular wolf, Billy saw to his horror. Not a regular wolf.

Now the yellow eyes glowed with fury. The wolf twisted away, opening its jaws wide, yanking the end of the stick from Billy’s hand.

Was it about to attack again?


Its eyes rolled up and it crumpled onto its back on the ground. All four legs thrashed the air for a moment. Then the creature let out a long sigh—and lay still.

Billy stood over it, struggling to catch his breath. He had just killed a vampire, he realized. A vampire he had disturbed. One that decided to attack him in wolf form.

He lightly prodded the black fur with his foot. Clumps of fur fell off the body.

His heart still pounding, Billy turned away. The woods stretched silently all around.

The whole island must be filled with monsters like this, Billy realized.

“Kylie.” He murmured her name out loud.

Where is Kylie? he wondered.

I’ve got to show her this creature. She’s got to see a real vampire. She’ll believe me. Then everyone will believe me about the vampires here at Sandy Hollow.

“Kylie!” He shouted her name.

“Kylie!” He cupped his hands around his mouth and called to her.

Following the path that had brought them to the burned-out house, Billy trotted, into the woods. “Kylie—where are you? Kylie?”

He found her sitting on a log on a low, sandy hill overlooking the water. She turned as he ran up to her, and jumped to her feet. “Billy—what’s wrong?”

“I—I couldn’t find you,” he cried breathlessly.

“Sorry,” she said. “I thought you were right behind me. But when I turned around, you were gone.” She smiled. “I knew you’d find me. I—”

She stopped, catching the alarmed expression on Billy’s face. “What’s wrong? You’re all scratched. What happened?”

The whole story burst out of him in a flood of words. “A vampire, Kylie. In wolf form. It attacked me. Outside that burned-out house. But I drove a stake through its chest. I killed it.”

He grabbed her hand and started to pull her to the house. “Come on. You have to see it. I want to prove to you there are vampires here. I want you to see with your own eyes.”

“But, Billy—” She pulled back.

“Hurry, Kylie. I’m going to prove it to you.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Did you hit your head or something? You’re talking crazy. Everyone knows there are no real vampires.”

“Come on. Hurry.” He tugged her harder.

She rolled her eyes and groaned. But she followed him.

He led the way through the trees. The chittering of bats overhead grew louder as they neared the house. A distant howl floated eerily over the whisper of the wind.

Through the trees, Billy spotted the dark outline of the burned-out house. “Here it is!” he told her. “Right in front. You’ll see, Kylie. You’ll see I’m telling the truth.”

He led the way out of the trees. Then he pulled her across the wet grass. “There—!” He pointed.

And then they both gasped in shock.



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