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Ñase of defendant Roman Rudenko

The defendant Roman Rudenko was born on March, 20, 1990, lives on Zelena Str., 4 in Luhansk. A single man, with no children, Roman was unemployed at the time of his arrest. His last job was a grocery store "The Family Store" (seller-cashier). Roman also plays guitar in a rock band "Rock" and likes to play poker. He lived in Luhansk all his life.

Roman Rudenko graduated from Lugansk high school #13 in May, 2008. After graduation he moved from his parents’ house to the apartment he rents on his own. All his income is wages and money he makes by periodic rock band performances and by playing poker (he wins from time to time).

Roman spends a lot of time with his old parents, although they do not understand Roman’s passion for a poker and rock music, it often results in tense relations between them.

Roman’s previous jobs were grocery departments of different stores of Luhansk (worked as the salesman). Employers characterize him as steady and reliable employee. Roman changed jobs almost every year, when he found another job that was paid better or schedule was more flexible that allowed him to find more time for his rock band or poker games.

Roman started working in “The Family Store” on November, 2, 2010, and was fired on April, 14, 2011, by Igor Kozakov, store owner, after heated argument between Roman and Igor. Igor said he had fired Roman cause he was late for work all the time. Although, according to store’s labor hours records,, Roman was late for work only three times – once in December, 2010, and twice in February, 2011.

“The Family Store” was burglarized on May, 5, 2011. Store owner, Igor Kozakov, discovered this fact when he came back to the store at 12.26 a.m. on May, 6.

Kozakov immediately called police. The investigator of Luhansk district police department Yuriy Polischuk arrived to the scene at 1.00 a.m. and began investigation. First, he examined Igor Kozakov who said he was at the store last night (May, 5). When everyone left he calculated the income for May, 5 (exact amount – 6100 hryvnas) and put this money and also his own money in form of Russian Rubles, American Dollars and European Euros, exact amount of which he doesn’t remember, into the black plastic bag with golden BMW lettering on it. Igor then put this plastic bag to the safe at the corner of office and locked it. Then he turned off the light everywhere, locked the door to office and front entrance and left the store through the door of the back entrance. It was at 9.00p.m., the usual time he closed up. He locked the door before leaving, he’s positive because he always checks. After that Igor went to meet his friends and he stayed there till midnight. Igor came back to the store because he remembered that he left the keys to his apartment at the office. Igor also said he always keeps, just for case, a spare copy of the key of office door under a plant pot which is close to the office door. He never told anybody about this key but he assumes some of his employees may have found out about it. Igor suspects one of his former employees, Roman Rudenko, who was fired approximately three weeks ago, in committing this crime and he thinks that maybe Roman made a copy of this key before he was fired.

The store is located at the intersection of Zelena and Holovna Streets. The exact time of burglar’s entrance to the store is unknown. Based on Igor Kozakov’s testimony it happened between 9.00 p.m. on May, 5, and 12.25 a.m. on May, 6.

After his conversation with Igor Kozakov, officer Polischuk examined the store and territory around the store and also performed a fingerprint examination. While examining the store he discovered that the criminal got inside the store by smashing the lock of back entrance door. The office door doesn’t have any signs of force on it. Except for money from the safe, nothing else was missing.

On the basis of this information officer Polischuk began to narrow the investigation to possible suspects who could have had a key or could have known about the spare copy of the key. Roman Rudenko is the main suspect in the case. Officer Polischuk asked Igor Kozakov to give him photo from Roman’s personal record. With this photo, Yuriy Polischuk began interviewing at 8.30 a.m., people who live close to the store.

At 9.05 a.m. Yuriy Polischuk knocked on door of Olena Seduk, 43 year old woman who lives not far from “The Family Store”.

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