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What is Sfax? And what is Sfax for me


Sfax is the second largest sity in the Tunisia. It famous for industry ( like Salt factory or phosphate processing), agriculture, fishing ( you can enjoy variety of fishes in the Fish market, but donít forget pin ;) ), and trade. Also here is several museums, which contain a lot of ancient things and very beautiful murals.


Near Sfax locate an island called Kerkennah. Itís paradise here for me! Itís so peaceful, quiet place, you can relax here with your body and soul. To reach this island from Sfax takes 1 hour by very comfortable ferry and last but not least is the price for this ferry Ė only 650 millim.


Also we visited Thyna. This city was build by Phoenicians for trading and for communicating with other counties. Territory of Thyna is about 3,5 km around. Nowadays we can see here lighthouse and ruins of ancient hamams. Interesting thing about hamam is that contain from several parts, and each part could use people of certain status. So, reach people used clean water, then, people of lower status washed with reused water and etc. Also hamam was not only place where people could wash, but more important was that people discussed there different sort of things, from privet life to political problems.



We can see here extant murals as well.


I think this city is the ďmustĒ to visit if you are in Tunisia, because here you can see and feel non-touristic Tunisian life.

I would like to emphasize the pluses and indicate minuses.

+ friendly citizens

+ low prices in Medina

+ museums


- on a par with the friendly people here is a lot of crazy mans, which circle you like sharks( if you are female, of course)

- no description in English in museums, so itís very hard to understand something



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