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Foot Artillery Uniforms

Trumpeter's Kurtka, Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard. That of the horse artillery would have been identical, but the lapels, collar, cuffs and turnbacks would have been of black velvet, and the buttons gilt copper.

Foot artillery officers appear to have worn the same uniform habit, but white waistcoat and breaches appear to have been worn in place of green. A shako may have replaced the colpack. Also, foot artillery offices appear to have worn a double breasted surtout, closed by two rows of seven large uniform buttons. Foot artillery buttons were copper and had in relief a flaming grenade device over crossed cannon barrels.

Trumpeters wore a white kurtka, with black velvet collar, cuffs, lapels and turnbacks piped red. A gold grenade appeared on the collar and turnbacks. A white colpack was worn in full dress along with crimson waistcoat and breaches. In undress, a white habit-kinski was worn, with black velvet collar piped red. Seven large uniform buttons closed the front. In both orders of dress, crimson epaulettes were worn.

Detail of the Tails of a Trumpeter's Kurtka. The piping was the same for the Horse Artillery, the turnbacks being black velevet. The Rear Vent was Pleated.


Foot Artillery Uniform

Non-commissioned officers wore the same uniform as the officers, but the kurtka had short tails, and the grenade devices did not appear on the collar or turnbacks. Badges or rank was as for the French army. The epaulettes were similar to those of the officers; the boards remained in scales, but the crescents and fringing were red, the aiguilette was also red. The gunners also wore red epaulettes and aiguillettes. Gunners and NCO’s did not wear the colpack but sported a black czapka, the white metal plate being the same as for the foot artillery. In full dress, green cords appear to have been worn.

The Polish Foot Artillery wore a similar uniform to the horse batteries. Green breaches were worn with (black?) gaiters, red epaulettes were worn at the shoulder. The fatigue coat was green throughout, the bonnet de police was green piped yellow.

Polish Foot Artillery Shako. Polish Artillery Fatigue Coat. This type of coat was worn by both foot and horse batteries.(rear view)


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