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This chapter has emphasized the differences between the heritage microcircuit packaging world and the still evolving MEMS packaging arena. The packaging schemes for these devices owe their infrastructure base to the body of knowledge

surrounding semiconductors and microcircuits. However, the MEMS device yields new complexities which drive new packaging solutions. As opposed to traditional microcircuit chips, MEMS often include moving structures along with the need to have contact with the external environment, driving the requirements for packaging such components. Thus, some functions include interaction with the surrounding environment, such as pressure sensors. This imposes new requisites on packaging, since in regular microelectronics the chip must be protected completely from any
impact from the environment. Packaging also provides mechanical support to the sensitive chip, facilitating the handling of the chip, and simplifying assembly. It will be many years until standardized packaging is the rule rather than the exception with MEMS components.


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