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What Will Happen to Virtualization?

This has really made me think as to where virtualization will lead us. It either has to become the OS, and VMware already state that ESX server has millions of lines of code (not dissimilar to many OSes) so at some point the virtualization product becomes the OS and the OS becomes a function library. Or maybe not!

Intel, AMD and other hardware vendors are adding virtualization support like crazy to their hardware so maybe the next step is the virtualization layer to really move into the hardware and BIOS. With multi-core processors coming thick and fast (Intel forsee 80 cores in a few years) the ability to carve up (разделять) your box into multiple virtual boxes becomes much more relevant. And with all the virtualization handled in the hardware we will have much less overhead on the next layer from virtualization. Really this is just the next step on from the blade arhitecture we have now, instead of slots in a rack we could end up with sockets on a motherboard.

This is why VMware needs to move into the system management space as that is where the real value is, operating systems are becoming commodity (предмет потребления, товар) items, virtualization will just be another trick for the hardware vendors, so the real value is in managing this whole infrastructure and making sure that the workloads that needs the resource and QoS get it.


Ex.17 Give the literary translation of the passage.

Software licenses grant rights to users which would otherwise be prohibited by copyright. These would serve as wireless local area networks (LANs) and would serve the end users directly too. If someone told you that he had a model that could predict customer usage how would you know if he really had a good model? The first thing you might try would be to ask him to apply his model to your customer base - where you already knew the answer. The pay back for the additional controls would be a few months. It would be hard enough for the company to explain why it should charge more than double the X6800's price, let alone more than eight times that much. However, if one drive in the array should fail, all data would be lost.



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