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Task 6. Take this quiz and see how you manage in the following business situations.


Etiquette Survival Test


1. Your boss, Ms. Alpha, approaches the table where you are meeting with an important client, Mr. Beta. You rise and say, "Ms. Alpha, I would like you to meet Mr. Beta, our client from San Diego." Is this introduction correct?

2. You are hosting a dinner at a restaurant. You have pre-ordered for everyone and indicated where they should sit. Are you correct?

3. A toast has been proposed in your honor. You say "thank you" and take a sip of your drink. Are you correct?

4. You are in a restaurant and a thin soup is served in a cup with no handles. To eat it you should:

a) Pick it up and drink it.

b) Use the spoon provided.

c) Eat half of it with a spoon and drink the remainder.

5. You are at a dinner and champagne is served with the dessert. You cannot drink champagne yet know the host will be offering a toast. Do you:

a) Tell the waiter "no champagne."

b) Turn over your glass.

c) Ask the waiter to pour water into your champagne glass instead.

d) Say nothing and allow the champagne to be poured.

6. You are at a table in a restaurant for a business dinner. Midway through the meal, you are called to the telephone. What do you do with your napkin?

a) Take it with you.

b) Fold and place it to the left of your plate.

c) Loosely fold it and place it on the right.

d) Leave it on your chair.

7. You are invited to a reception and the invitation states "7:00 to 9:00 PM." You should arrive:

a) At 7:00 PM.

b) Anytime between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

c) Between 7:00 PM and 7:30.

d) Go early and leave early.

8. The waiter is coming toward you to serve wine. You do not want any. You turn your glass upside down. Are you correct?

9. You are scheduled to meet a business associate for working lunch and you arrive a few minutes early to find a suitable table. 30 minutes later your associate still has not arrived. Do you:

a) Order your lunch and eat.

b) Continue waiting and fuming that your associate is not there.

d) Tell the head waiter you are not staying and give him your card with instructions to present I to you associate to prove you were there.

d) After 15 minutes call your associate.

10. You have forgotten a lunch with a business associate. You feel terrible and know he is furious.

Do you:

a) Write a letter of apology.

b) Send flowers.

c) Keep quiet and hope he forgets about it.

d) Call and set up another appointment.

Task 7. Watch the film ”Table Manners” and do the following tasks.

Pre-Watching Exercise

1.Go over the words given below. They will help you understand the film.

Etiquette, courtesy, to manage, to turn down the invitation, mouthful

General Comprehension and Intensive Watching Exercises

1.Whatch the film where Chuck meets Chuck-from-the-future. As you watch tick (v) the problems that the boys talk about:

- Chuck has terrible table manners

- Chuck doesn’t like to go to parties;

- the importance of table manners;

- Chuck should obey his parents;

2.Put the points of the plan in the correct order.

a) Chuck-from-the-future explains the rules of using silverwear.

b) Chuck is at the dinner party.

c) Chuck-from-the-future appears over the invitation card;

d) Chuck-from-the-future explains the importance of table manners in different life situations.

e) Chuck is having dinner with his parents.

3.Answer the questions.

1.Why does Chuck look unhappy after the dinner with his parents?

2.Why is Chuck going to refuse the invitation for dinner party?

3.What arguments does Chuck-from-the-future use to convince Chuck of the importance of table manners?

4.What are the rules of using silver wear?

5.What are the finger, fork and spoon foods?

6. How should we place our knife and fork to show that you have finished and the plate can be removed?

7. What should you say if you don’t like the food you are offered?

8. What is the best way to practice table manners?

4. Watch the film once again and fill in the missing words.

1.But more we relax and enjoy ourselves we _____ our food better.

1.The only way to have good table manners is to practice them ____ at home.

2.Fork food includes meats, ____, ____, ____ and many others.

3.Don’t put on your fork more than one ______ of food.

4.But you can know still more by _______ your mother, dad and other people who have good manners.

5.But the main thing is to practice at home, so that table manners will come ________ and I won’t have to think about them when I am out.

Follow-Up Activities. Discussion Questions

5 Give your opinion of the role of good manners in general and at table , in particular. Who should teach people good manners?

6.Comment on the expression from the film

“Mealtime is the time for pleasure and relaxation.”"People judge many things about you just by the way you eat!"

Task 8.Read the texts p. 225, 227(Fastovets). Be ready to discuss them in class.

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