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Practice paraphrasing by putting the following information about sausage in your own words.

Except for vegetarians, most of us have eaten sausage. However, we probably didnít know much about what we were eating. Did you know, for example, that sausage was invented so that butchers had something to do with all the pieces and parts of an animal that didnít look all that appealing? For example, they would use scraps of meat, fat, blood, and organ meats such as brains, liver, tongue, and kidneys.

They would stuff the mixture into actual animal intestines. It isnít exactly appetizing to think about. Today, however, most sausage is stuffed into casings made of cellulose, collagen, or even plastic.

The ingredients in sausage vary. Most European and Asian sausages are made up of 100% meat, fat, and spices. In the United States, there is a limit to how much of the sausage can be made up of fat. However, that limit is bigóup to 50% of the weight of the sausage. (Rules vary, depending on the style of sausage.) The United States also prohibits the use of fillers like bread or other starch-based ingredients. In England, though, such fillers are common. They help the sausages keep their shape because they expand as the sausage heats up. Countries all over the world make sausages, and there are hundreds of different kinds. Germany alone has over 1200 varieties. Some common varieties of sausage used in the U.S. are hot dogs, bratwurst, kielbasa, chorizo, and salami.


Task 11. Get ready to class discussion (p. 258-259, Fastovets).


(choose one Ė any you like)

Task 12. Speak about your eating habits (what kind of food you eat, food you avoid, the diets you tried). Make use of pp.243-257, Fastovets.

Task 13. Speak about your favourite diet. Try to persuade your group mates to follow your recommendations.

Task 14. Act out dialogues in which you:

-try to tempt a vegetarian to eat meat;

-persuade a gourmet to go on a diet;

Task 15. Write a set of guidelines for your friend who wants to keep always fit.(p. 256)

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