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All about Britains life

Type of family Distinctive features


Task 4. Answer the questions.


1. What is family?

2. What two main types of family are distinguished?

3. What are the advantages of having elderly people at home?

4. Are there any problems when people of different generations live together?

5. Do all elderly people live with their relatives?

6. What two types of family have occurred recently? What are the reasons for it in your opinion?

7. What type of family is a subtype of the conjugal family?

8. What is the most common type of family in our country? What is the reason


Task 5. What type of family do you prefer? Discuss it in a dialogue with your partner, using the following phrases. Use the information from the text Types of Family.

Agreement Partial agreement Disagreement
certainly I agree with you to a point but I dont agree with you there
I (quite) agree with you I agree with you in a way but I disagree with you there
I think so too I agree with you in a sense but Im afraid you are mistaken
So do I I see what you mean but I think you are mistaken
You are quite right there That may be true but on the other hand I wouldnt say that
Exactly If Im not mistaken

All about Britains life

The aim of the lesson is to revise Grammar Tenses, practice special vocabulary, find out facts about living in Britain, practice and discussion.


1. Warming and introducing a new topic

St. b. p.112, ex.1

Most of

None of

Some of

Only a few

The majority

Most of Russian teenagers speak English.


What about teenagers in Britain?


2. Listen to the interview and answer the question:


How many Britons speak foreign language? Prove ideas of your own.

Young Britons shy away from learning languages

Two out of three teenagers in Britain are keen to work abroad but most of them don't speak foreign languages. Government figures show that 58% of 11-18 year olds in the UK have no foreign language skills, and this has a negative effect on the economy.

Fact or fiction? Most British people are lazy when it comes to learning a foreign language.
- Fact.
- Why do you say that?
- 'Cos we don't need to. 'Cos everybody else speaks English.
- Fact. Foreigners make it too easy for you because they speak English when you're abroad.

Those views on the streets of London are backed up by figures out this week. The British Government found that 58 percent of 11-18 year olds in the UK do NOT speak a second language. However two thirds of teenagers in Britain want to work abroad when they're older - the countries of choice being Italy, Spain, France or China.

The British Government admits there is a problem - that not enough young people continue learning a second language when they leave school. Teresa Tinley from the country's national centre of languages says it has big implications for the economy:

We are in a competitive global market and we need to be able to speak to our customers and our potential customers. Our trade is very much geared towards English-speaking countries. Our research shows that our exports are suffering.

The research is seen as further evidence that most young people assume they can get by in a foreign country by speaking English - something the authorities in London want to change.


  • fiction -
  • are backed up by -
  • out - .
  • admits -
  • implications - ,
  • potential customers -
  • is geared towards -
  • further evidence -
  • assume -
  • get by - . ,



Do Britons enjoy music? What kinds of music do hey listen to?


3.Listen to different kinds of music, name what kind it is; listen to the second time and number them in the order you hear; find the words for the definitions.

Reggae hip-hop garage rock

Nu-metal jazz techno rap

Classic country pop disco


A type of West India music and dance with strong rhythms-


Simple and elegant in form or style


A type of dance music, mixture of dancing, culture, art and fashion, originating in the USA


Music of African American origin, with strong rhythms that are freely developed by players during a performance


A type of music that originates from the traditional music of the southern and western USA


Modern popular style especially in music


A type of loud modern popular music with a strong beat, played on electric guitars


A type of rock music with a fast strong rhythm and words which are spoken rapidly rather than sung


Which of the kinds you prefer to listen to, to dance, to relax?

Can you perform these kinds?

How can they be performed?

Can they be performed by technological devices? For example?


St. b. p.112, ex. 3. Listen to the text, translate the words, listen to the second time and match the speakers:

Digital camera

Mobile phone


Portable stereo

To keep refusing

To keep in touch

To feel left out

To tell the truth/ Frankly speaking

Put on a CD


A snap

Rolls of films


Do you know any other gadgets?


Look through gadgets and find them in the picture St.b.p.114,ex.1.


Which of these subjects can be used in a classroom?



What for?(match the coloumns to get answers)

  A slide projector An overhead projector A microscope A video recorder A camcorder A digital camera A portable stereo A calculator   can be used in   Biology Geography History Music Art Languages Maths Chemistry to watch documentaries, foreign languages, films. to do sums to record and listen to examine cells to film scientific experiments to listen to music to show drawings and charts to take pictures to show slides of ancient sites to record performances


How often do you use these devices in everyday life?

Which of the objects in the pictures on p.113, 114 do you use for:

- fun?

- work?

- study?

How often do people use these devices?

What do people us them for?


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