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Ex. 3 Complete the gaps in the text with the correct form of the words in brackets.


LOOKING FOR A SUMMER JOB? We've got something for you! No job for this summer? We'll search our database for a perfect job for you. Hundreds of (1) (employ) are looking for someone with your skills now. Our summer jobs are fun but also (2) (challenge), so you can learn new things. Some positions can be quite (3) (stress) - that's why we're looking for people with a strong (4) (person).

If you're hard-working and (5) (ambition) - call us now! We'll find a (6) (reward) job for you.


Ex. 4 Read four teenagers' texts from the school newsletter. Answer the questions below with their names (David, Rebecca, Paul, Olivia).


[1]. was not very conscientious?

2. had to plan his/her work very carefully?

3. wasn't allowed to continue with his/her job?

4. has made a decision about his/her future career?

5. found his/her first job extremely stressful?

6. thought his/her job was badly-paid?

7. worked for his/her family?

8. found his/her first job repetitive?


How did you earn your first money?



When I was fifteen I was desperate to earn some money, so I decided to do a paper round before school. I started at six every morning, and did it all on foot. I'm not a good cyclist, especially with a heavy load of newspapers. The pay was not good but still better than my pocket money! On the whole, it was a good experience, but a bit boring. I had to do the same thing every day. My mother was not happy because I was very tired and my marks at school got worse. She let me do it for only six months.



I earned my first money babysitting for our neighbour. I was almost fifteen and quite responsible. One night my neighbour wanted to go out with some friends and asked me to stay with her daughter, Lucy, for a couple of hours. Lucy was four and knew me quite well. But the moment her mum left, she started screaming and wouldn't stop. I tried phoning her mum, but couldn't get through. I didn't know what to do. Those were the longest two hours of my life! And, of course, Lucy stopped crying the minute her mum walked through the door!



I earned my first money by walking dogs. Dog walking sounds like fun but it can also be challenging if you have to walk several dogs a day. In my first job I walked seven dogs, collecting them from different places at different times each day. It was easy to make a mistake, so every evening I wrote down all the addresses, the dogs' names and the exact time I was walking them the next day. I loved the experience and I'm definitely going to work with animals after I finish school.



When I finished primary school, I started earning money at home doing stuff like cleaning the car and digging the garden. My mother always said 'the money is there if you put in the time and effort'. The problem was that she made me do things I didn't like. And sometimes she wasn't really pleased with the results. Now I don't have time to earn money in this way - I'm too busy preparing for my A-levels.


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