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International Earth Day


On April 22 around the world celebrate the International Earth Day. The holiday reminds mankind of terrible environmental disasters. This Day everyone has to reflect that personally he can make for the solution of environmental problems. The international Earth Day is urged to unite, first of all, all people of our planet in an important issue of environment protection.

The history of emergence of a holiday is connected with J. Sterling Morton, the administrator of the State of Nebraska in the north of the USA who then held a post of the minister of agriculture. At the end of the 19th century Morton moved to the State of Nebraska. In the territory of the desert prairie of staff lonely trees were mercilessly cut down. Morton made the offer to organize day which will be devoted to gardening, received the name Day of a Tree. For those who landed more than all trees, founded special prizes.

On the first holiday Day of a tree by inhabitants of the State of Nebraska it was planted about 1 million trees. In 1882 in the State of Nebraska Day of a tree was given the status of an official holiday. The holiday in honor of birthday of J. Sterling Morton is celebrated on April 22.

In 1970 more than 20 million people took part in the different countries of the world in the stock "Earth Day". 20 years later the holiday became international, and the action was supported already by 200 million people residents of 141 countries of the world.

Every year scientists of the countries of the world discuss global environmental problems, gathering at a round table.

The Earth Day network the international non-governmental organization which unites 12000 organizations in 174 countries of the world. The purpose of actions of the organization is development of ecological education.

During celebration of the Earth Day the special attention is paid to national parks. Traditionally this Day everyone participates in gardening and improvement of the yards and streets, participates in festivals, actions, in various actions devoted to ecology.




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