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If you want to be healthy you should…!!!

• Get lots of sleep.

To be healthy you’ll need 8–10 hours of sleep every day. This keeps you awake and attentive, soyou don’t have to drink caffeine and sugar-loaded energydrinks.

• Laugh and smile!

Smiling and laughing a lot, as it has been scientifically proved, keeps you healthier.

• Do nothing

for a short while. Staying in a dark, quiet place without having any stressful thoughts for about ten minutes will help you relax and feel better. Just do this twice a day.

• Eat more fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Try to get at least 2–3 portions of fruit per day.

• Drink water! Good old H2O is key in making you work throughout the day. Try drinking 250-gram glasses of water three times a day. It helps you re-energize and keep going. Not drinking enough fresh water leads to headaches and other problems. Do this, and you’ll stay in good


• Get a little exercise every day.

This will not only make you feel better, and make you look better, but help you to get through the day.

• Stretch! It feels great! From when you wake up in the

morning, to your gym class, this easy form of muscle

exercise warms you up and makes you more flexible.

• Run and jog! This doesn’t necessarily mean run five miles

every morning, just for about 10 minutes twice a week

will keep you in shape. Don’t ever run for an hour and

then suddenly stop and sit on the couch for another hour.

It will hurt to walk the next day.

• Challenge yourself. If you have 10 push-ups1 as your

maximum, try going for 12! Little challenges like this

keep your body nice and fit.

• Do something you love. Play with a pet, go swimming,

ride a bike or go for a walk. If you had a bad day at school,

doing things you love to do will keep you in a good mood

and take out your anger. Not only is this fun, but it lets

you be yourself for a while. Try it!

• Feel good about yourself! There is always going to be

someone in the room who does at least one thing better

than you, so don’t compare yourself to other people! Find

things you are good at, and use your talents!

• Positive emotions are healthy, prolong life and make

living pleasant.


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