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Being a student

Successful students attend all classes in which they are enrolled. Moreover, they are on time. If they miss a class, it is for a valid reason, and they make sure they make up assignments and obtain notes from a freind who is also taking the class. In addition, they do not leave before class is completed.





While in class, they are respectful towards others by paying close attention to the discussions as led by their instructor. These students realize that an instructor is a professional educator and is dedicated to making material clear and understandable to students. When an instructor leads a class through difficult and complex topics, it similar to a conductor leading an orchestra. All musicians in the orchestra must follow the conductor if the concert is to be a success. So it is with a class. Successful students realize that it is essential to follow the instructor carefully and, to the best of their abilities, make the course a rewarding experience.



While in class or laboratory, successful students learn how concentrate and to focus their thoughts on the topic being discussed. They don't chat with their freinds, read or stare out windows, for those actions show disrespect for others attempting to take the class, and may be distracting to the instructor. In other words, successful students are polite and graceful.




Successful students respond to questions by their instructor, even if their attempts are clumsy and difficult. These students also ask questions, for others in the class may have the same questions in mind and appreciate the efforts to clarify the material.

Successful students work to develop an interest in the subject, even if it not their major.

Successful students bring to college a certain ragamuffin irreverence to their studies. They know that they are here to question knowledge, not to worship it. But they also realize that they must respect the knowledge and training that others may have especially their instructors. They know that callous disregard for information given to them is not only disrespectful, but also a way of closing one's mind to new ideas. A successful student comes to college with an open mind, a desire to listen to new ideas and looking forward to the possibility of discarding or rejecting old ideas that may be erroneous.

Good students come to class prepared. They have read to assigned materials and reviewed their notes. They also have all the necessary materials and supplies to participate fully in activities.

Successful students turn in assignments that are sharp and neat. They take time to produce a final product that has a professional appearance, reflecting of a caring attitude and pride in their work.

They turn in all assignments and on time.

They take advantage of extra credit opportunities if they are offered. By so doing, they demonstrate that they care about learning and are willing to work to improve.


Successful students form friendships with their classmates and often exchange phone numbers so they may get together to study or get missed assignments or lecture notes.


They respect and care for class and laboratory materials, such as microscopes, books, and models. They also clean up after themselves. Successful students do not prop their feet up on the desks, eat or work on outside materials during class.


They take time to see their instructor before or after class about ideas, course content, comments made on their papers and upcoming exams.


Successful students, like all truly successful people, care....about themselves and others, about their future profession and the Earth. They work daily to make each a little better.


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