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William Wilson Office manager



Silver Imports Ltd 609 San Anselmo Avenue San Anselmo California 94960

March 4 2009

Ms Bonnie Corum 1201 East Grand Avenue Chicago Illinois 60611

Dear Ms Corum

Thank you for your inquiry about our silver broches. I am enclosing brochures on our jewelry product. We will be glad to see you at our annual silver exhibition

Sincerely yours

Loisa Collin Marketing Manager


Maxine Sportswear Co Inc 842 Seventh Avenue NY 19918

June 10 2004

Mrs Sharon Tong 693 Felham Parkway Bronx NY 10422

Dear Mys Tong

We certainly appreciate your interest in Maxine Sportswear. Nevertheless I am afraid I cannot supply you with the information you requested. Because we do not sell our garments directly to the consumer, we try to keep our wholesale prices between ourselves and our dealers

Very truly yours

S Granville Sales Manager



The quality of our products remain the same only the finest chemicals are used. The new prices are for minimum orders of $ 200 and are effective as from I January. Immediate dispatch is guaranteed and we hold ample stocks

Offer letter


On 15 september I bought one of your Big Ben alarm clocks from Stansfield Jewellwers. Unfortunately I have been unable to get the alarm system to work and am very disappointed with my purchase

Letter of Complaint


We would be pleased to receive details of fax machines which you supply, together with prices

We need a model suitable for sending complex diagrams and printed messages mostly within the UK

Inquiry Letter



August 2002 present:

Pharmaceutical Researcher at Pfizer, UK

Research into the effective treatment of leukemia. Focusing on the reduction of treatment side-effects. Organising personal funding of research and funding of departmental research



As you all know, Christmas is our busiest season of the year. Every year it is a struggle for management and supervisors to find the time and energy to organize a staff Christmas party. This year, we have decided to postpone the Christmas party until after our busy season



(1)To: Northwest Area Staff

From Management

Subject: (2) New Monthly Reporting System

3 Date :14 february

Wed like to quickly go over some of the changes in the new monthly sales reporting system that we discussed at Monday special meeting.

(4) Management



To (1) Mandy Lim Administrative Assistant

(2) From Sally Thomas PA to Chairman

Date 30 August

Subject (3) Inhouse Document

Many congratulations on recently joining the staff in the Chairman

I am enclosing a booklet explaining the company

4 Sally Thomas


(1) Janet Benson General Manager

(2) Oliver Knott Manager

(3) Booklet of Services

(4) Date 4 september 2009

Inform you that Booklet of Our Services is not ready.


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