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How Emotional Are You?


How much emotion (feeling) do you in­vest in your interactions and beliefs? For example:

1- What part does "love" play in your life?

A-How much do you love your family?

_____Intensly _____Warmly

B- How much do you love your lover or spouse?

_____Intensly _____Warmly

C—How much do you love your country? (how patriotic)

_____Intensly _____Warmly

D-How much do you love your god? (how devout)

_____Intensly _____Warmly(If it all)

E- How much do you love your eth­nic group or race?

_____Intensly _____Warmly

F-How loyal are you to your po­litical organization or party?

_____Intensly _____Middly

2- How strong are your hatreds?

A-How many people do you ac­tively hate in your personal life?

_____Many _____A few _____None

B- How strongly do you hate certain prominent people?

_____Intensly _____Middly _____Not at all

C—How strongly do you hate mem­bers of other ideological groups (right-wingers—communists— conservatives—liberals—etc.) ?

_____Intensly _____Middly _____Not at all

D-How strongly do you hate certain nationalities—races—ethnic groups (Blacks—Jews-—Arabs —Russians—Latins—Germans —etc.)?

_____Intensly _____Middly _____Not at all

3- What part does anger play in your life?

A-How often are you angry at peo­ple?

_____Often _____Sometimes _____Rarely

B— How often do you fight with peo­ple?

_____Often _____Sometimes _____Rarely

C-How often do you "dump" your anger (from elsewhere) on your lover—spouse—family—col­leagues?

_____Often _____Sometimes _____Rarely

D-How often do you have major explosions?


E- How strong is your need to pun­ish or retaliate?

_____Strong _____Mild

F-How long do you harbor anger and feelings of vengeance?

_____Forever _____Long _____Brief

G—How quickly do you resolve con­flicts?

_____Quickly _____Slowly

4- How often are you involved in suits—litigations—disputes ?

_____Often _____Rarely _____Never

5- How strong are your fears?

_____Very strong _____Strong _____Mild

A-Do you fear many people?

_____Yes _____No

B-Do you fear certain groups (men—women—minorities—etc.)?

_____Yes _____No

6- How often are you sad?

_____Often _____Sometimes

A-How often do you weep?

_____Often _____Sometimes _____Rarely

7- How often do you feel jealousy in your romances or marriage?

_____Often _____Sometimes

8- How competitive are you at home— school—work—sports—politics ?

_____Highly _____Mildly


9-How excited do you feel watching a contest in which a person or team you are close to is involved?

_____Highly _____Mildly

10-How quickly are your feelings hurt?

_____Very quickly _____Quickly _____Slowly


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