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Discover the art of hospitality in Switzerland


The SEG - Swiss Education Group is a network of the world’s finest hospitality management schools where an education based on authentic Swiss hospitality expertise will get your career off to a flying start!


- César Ritz Colleges Switzerland – Hospitality, Tourism and Entrepreneurship

- Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland – Culinary, Pastry and Chocolate Arts

- Hotel Institute Montreux – Hospitality and Business

- IHTTI School of Hotel Management – Hospitality and Design

- Swiss Hotel Management School – Hospitality, Events, Resort and Spa


SEG programmes combine academic learning with practical experience, ensuring a high level of employability for its students. Study at an inspiring city-centre or alpine campus and graduate with a Swiss Higher Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Postgraduate Diploma or Master Degree. Since the establishment of its first school in 1982, SEG has grown to become the World’s Leading Hospitality Education Network. SEG’s outstanding success has set new standards in the hospitality industry and provides an inspiration to its graduates.


Why study in Switzerland?



In the Heart of Europe

Tourism is a very important economic activity in Switzerland. The transport and tourism infrastructure is amongstthe best in the world making it very comfortable to travel around the country. Major Swiss cities are located within aneasy one to three-hour journey by train, car or boat. Centrally situated in Europe, Switzerland gives you the opportunity

to easily visit and experience other European cities, such as Paris, London and Milan!


Swiss Quality of Life

Switzerland is an extremely safe country with a high standard of living. Not only renowned for chocolate, cheese, private banking and luxury watch making; its natural beauty, cultural and linguistic diversity, and the Swiss reputation for excellence and professionalism, all add to its attributes.


The Birthplace of Hospitality

Switzerland’s reputation as the birthplace of hospitality was established over one hundred years ago when the first palace-style hotels were built. Today, these traditions continue and graduates of a Swiss curriculum are highly respected for their ability to function and manage in the competitive international hospitality environment.


Why choose a Swiss Education Group school?


Students at SEG schools benefit from the six advantages that make the schools of the group the ultimate choice for students seeking a career in hotel and hospitality management:


1. An Education based on Swiss Hospitality Traditions

All Swiss Education Group schools are located in Switzerland. The country is known as the birthplace of hospitality and the education offered draws on these traditions and graduates of the Swiss Education Group are in high demand worldwide.

2. Career and Networking Opportunities

With more than 60 companies from around the world coming to recruit students from all schools of the Swiss Education Group twice yearly, the International Recruitment Forum gives students access to the best career opportunities. The Career Services team on campus also assists students to give their career a head start.

3. Quality Academic Programs

All schools are subject to stringent academic quality standards expected of Swiss institutions. Close ties to leading hospitality companies ensure that the academic programs meet the needs of the industry, and partnerships with other universities allow students to earn British or American, along with a Swiss qualification.

4. Inspiring Learning Environment

Each school is based in a former hotel, which has been modernized to provide the best facilities for hotel management and culinary studies in Switzerland. The alpine or city center locations offer an unparalleled Swiss experience for the international student body.

5. Exceptional Quality of Life

Each school takes care of their students by offering academic support as well as organizing social and sporting activities on campus and throughout Switzerland and Europe. While studying in Switzerland, students will also enjoy the safe surroundings of the country.

6. Global Alumni Network

After graduation, students are welcomed into the alumni network with over 20,000 graduates located worldwide. Alumni groups around the world help graduates stay in touch and expand their networking opportunities.


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