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Methodical instructions on completing term papers.


The important stage in preparation of the term paper is to choose the theme. The theme should:

- Be actual;

- Be cognitive and of the author’s interest;

- Be problem;

- Be familiar to a student;

- Make it possible to use results of the term paper in economic or other areas (at least for the future thesis paper);

After choosing the theme and writing the content of the term paper, an important stage is drafting the work schedule.

The term paper should be 25-30 pages long without appendixes. However, the term paper is graded for the quality not for the quantity of pages. The term paper should include:

- title page (counted as the first page)

- content (the second page)

- introduction (the third page)

- parts of the main body (usually numbered)

- conclusion (conclusion and proposals)

- the list of literature review

- appendixes

The title page must be written in accordance with the sample in the appendix (see Appendix 1).

The content includes full names of all structural sections and paragraphs numbered (Appendix 2).

Introduction gives a brief and clearly defined goal, tasks of the theme being studied, its role in the course “An Economic Theory.” If the theme is extensive, the student should focus on smaller number of issues. The introduction succeeds more if the author gives brief and convincing arguments proving that the theme is actual. The introduction should be no more than 2-3 pages long.

The main body of the paper (approximately 17-20 pages) is divided into 2-3 chapters may consist of several sections (paragraphs). Names and contents of chapters and paragraphs should tell about the content.

Therefore, the first chapter usually tells about general issues such as the essence and forms of studied issues, main categories and laws used to study the problem.

The problem is examined from the point of current achievements of the economic theory and practice. It is necessary to show the degree of studying the theme, name works and their authors who study those problems.

The second chapter usually contains information about the mechanism of economic processes and phenomena’s functioning, analysis of instruments and levers which provide their implementation.

The last chapter usually is of the constructive nature and contains supporting arguments proposed by the author who uses economic analysis and statistical data, examples, studies of the economy of RK.

In the last part the author should form conclusions and proposals based on the main body of the paper. The conclusion must be brief in the form of thesis and be no more than 2-3 pages long.

The list of literature review is composed in a strictly defined order: Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, materials and decrees of the state agencies, reports and speeches of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and executives of the government, statistical digests, archival and report materials, other literature in the alphabetical order. The literature review should contain only those sources with references in footnotes i.e. all sources used by the student. Quotes, tables and numerical data referred in the term paper must have references to the source.

The completed paper should be given to the supervisor for revision. After getting a satisfactory grade the student must make presentation of the paper and protect it. The student should give brief information about the content of the paper, tell about the main ideas, substantiate own point of view about main issues and answer questions. If a student makes a good presentation of the term paper and gives full answers, the final grade of the term paper might be increased in comparison with the previous grade. However, if a student makes a poor presentation and does not know the material good enough, the final grade for the term paper might be lowered. Therefore, the final grade for the term paper is given after presentation and put into the student’s examination sheet and record-book.

The paper must be printed 14 Times New Roman, single-spaced, with margins: 3 cm left, 1,5 cm right, 2 cm above and below.



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