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Computer: pros and cons of using

Now we are living in the modern world. There are a huge number of different technical inventions around us. One of these inventions is the computer. Many people canít imagine their life and work without the computer. Other people donít use them at all. As for me, I am sure that computers are useful for people.

Hereís what I think about it. To begin with, the computer is the center of our everyday life. We use computers to find necessary information and learn something. For instance, we can learn different languages or learn how to play different musical instruments. Also, the computer is necessary for our work. Almost all corporations and companies, where you want to work, demand your knowledge of the computer. In addition, the computer is a great way of peopleís communication. We can talk with our friends, whom we havenít seen for a long time, using different programs, such as Skype and Facebook. Also, we can make a lot of new friends in the Internet.

But there is another bad sight of the computer. A lot of people are sure that the computer damages our health and intellect. For example, it is dangerous for our vision. Moreover, many people suffer from the obesity and problems with back because they sit for a long time in front of the computer. Also, these people donít often be outside their home and canít communicate with people in real life. And, of course, it is worth to say about dangers with information on computers in case of hackers attacks. Because of these disadvantages some people are afraid of computers and want to forbid them.

I donít agree with this point of view. Yes, we know that 20, 30 years ago people hadnít any computers and lived perfectly. They have a slower rhythm of life than now. In our fast-developing world we have no time to wait for something. We want to have time to do more and do it faster. So, computer with the Internet are the best things ever to achieve our aims.

In conclusion I would like to say that Iím for computers because it helps us in many ways despite the problems it causes. Only thing you need to do is to use computer right and youíll have the most useful tool that humanity can ever invent!

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