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Special Summit on Technology



Delegation: The Republic of Guinea-Bissau

Committee: Special Summit on Technology

Topic A: Internet Privacy and Internet Security

With a succession of three governments since the legislative elections in 2004, chronic political instability in Guinea-Bissau hampered development efforts. However, recent efforts by the government to impose greater transparency and discipline and rigor in the financial practices in the country, and the renew of the financial support of various other governments and the World Bank led to an increase in global investment in Guinea-Bissau, where two-thirds of the population is below the poverty line.


In the field of Internet privacy and security of the Internet, we know very well that people grow and develop if governments provided them with food and water, treatment and decent life, these are the basics of life to go towards the development and progress, and then the availability of the use of technology and information.Internet privacy is mainly related to the personal desire of the individual and the power on its own information and the ability to control the information they want to broadcast on the Internet, and control who has access to this information.

Some expertssay that Internet privacy is something that does not and should not exist by definition, while others believe that it should be present, and protect from people atrium in power, even if it means that the information broadcasted by those, who hadn’t commitåed any illegalactions will be accessed by others during the monitoring process.Moreover, manybelieve that Internet privacy is something at least as important as the food and drink and a decent life.


Our government believes in keeping the privacy of individuals and governments, which constantly use the Internet, and supporting the international community and the United Nations today in “criminalizing” the breach of information and espionage and theft of personal information through the use of the Internet by enforcing more strict punishments. Therefore, our government believes in joining forces in order to maintain privacy through the use of the Internet. We believe that it is time to seriously discuss about the future of privacy, and the impact of the massive flow of data on the individual and society as a whole - Is it in the public interest or that of others can control us through our data?



Date: 2015-02-16; view: 661

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