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How do emotions differ from feelings

Feelings and emotions are two important components of our soul (character) and our life.

Emotions are the general term which include the biophysiological state and chemical changes in our body. They are subjective reactions of people on the effects of internal and external irritants shown in the form of pleasure or displeasure, joy, fear and etc.

Feelings are our subjective awareness of our emotional state. It is that what we experience, our current emotional condition. Feelings are the tool of rationality.



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One day you feel good and the next you feel bad, and between those two poles are compressed all the joys of heaven and the anguish of hell. The events that prompt feelings, the justification for the feelings, even the reality of the perceptions that lead to them are all unimportant. It is the feeling that counts.

Despite its importance, there is an incredible amount of confu­sion about feelings and emotions in both the minds of the public and the attention of the “experts". "Emotion" is the general term, which encompasses the feeling tone, the biophysiological state, and even the chemical changes we are beginning to understand underline the sensations we experience; "feeling" is our subjective awareness of our own emotional state. It is that which we experience; that which we know about our current emotional condition.

Feelings, particularly the complex and subtle range of feelings in human beings, are testament to our capacity for choice and learn­ing. Feelings are the instruments of rationality, not — as some would have it — alternatives to it. Because we are intelligent crea­tures, we are capable of, and dependent on, using rational choice to decide our futures. Feelings become guides to that choice. We are not just passive responders, as some lower life forms are, to that which the environment offers-us. We can avoid certain conditions, select out others, and anticipate both and, moreover, via anticipation we can even modify the nature of the environment. Feelings are fine tunings directing the ways in which we will meet and manipu­late our environment.

Feelings of anxiety, boredom, tension and agitation alert us to the sense of something wrong, and, more importantly, by the subtle distinctions of they messages they indicate something of the nature of the impending danger and direct us to specific kinds of adaptive manoeuvres to avoid, prevent, or change the incipient threat Feel- ings of guilt allow us to model our behaviour against certain ideals and register when we have moved away from these ideals, or have not yet achieved them. If there is a common ingredient to the vari­ous sources and forms of pleasure, the only one that can be identified is that they all seem to contribute to an enhances sense of self.

Pleasurable events either intensify our sense of ourselves or enlarge our view of ourselves. Jîv stems from an altered sense of self and, in turn, alters our view oil our world and the way we are viewed.

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