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Will there be a single world government?Mukhamadiyeva Kamilya

IR 12.751


Almaty, 2014



There is a perception that there is a secret world government, I think that in a sense this is true, only one question arises whether their plans succeed. In my work I want to consider this issue.

Rumors that for several centuries the world is ruled by three hundred largest international wealthy, influential politicians, writers, sociologists and philosophers, went a long time. But we did not take these rumors seriously, to sneer at people who talk about the global conspiracy. We also reacted to the publication of the book abroad former British intelligence agent John Coleman "Committee of 300", in which he talked about the plans for world government for the next 50 years. He published his book in 1991; And now, 13 years, it has been translated into Russian, and we can now judge themselves are the same whether the events in the modern world with those plans, which warned Coleman.

Oddly enough, the goals of the World Government is not hidden from the public. Write about them one of the deceased members of the "Committee of 300" HG Wells in his work "The Open Conspiracy - plans for world revolution." "The Open Conspiracy - wrote Wells - manifest first as a conscious organization of intelligent and, in some cases, wealthy people, as a movement with a clear social and political objectives, by common agreement ignores most of the existing apparatus of political control - just the movement of a number of persons in a certain direction, which will soon discover with some surprise a common purpose to which they are moving. all possible means they will influence the government and control them. "

This work of Wells, as well as studies of many other talented authors, ordered "Committee of 300", intended for the treatment of public opinion in favor of the establishment of a One World Government. If you add up all intents and purposes "Committee of 300", they are reduced to the creation of a one world government and the establishment of the world's monetary system with a uniform permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchy, which choose the leaders of themselves in a manner similar to the medieval feudal system. In this one world population will be limited by reducing the number of children per family by disease, war and famine until all of the world's population will be 1 billion people that benefit the ruling class in a strictly and clearly defined areas.The middle class will not be - only representatives and servants. All laws will be uniform under a legal system of world courts, using the same Code, for the execution of which will monitor the police one world government, and the combined armed forces of one world to enforce a law in all the countries of the former, which will no longer share a border. The system will be based on the prosperity of the state. Who resigned and is one world government will be rewarded livelihood who rebel will simply starve or outlawed, becoming a target for anyone who wants to kill him. Possession of personal firearms or knives will be banned.

Will be allowed only one religion in the form of the Church of the One World Government, which came into existence in 1920. Satanism, Luciferianism and black magic will be recognized as legitimate objects of study with the prohibition of private or church schools. All Christian churches will be destroyed, and Christianity itself under a single world government step back into the past.

To enter the position at which there will be no personal freedom and no concept of freedom, there will be things such as a republican form of government and permanent sovereignty rights of the people, it is necessary to eradicate the national pride and racial identity. During the transition, even the mention of racial origin will be subject to severe punishment.




Each person will be brought home, he - the creation of a One World Government. All people will bear identification numbers, the presence of which can be easily verified. These identification numbers will be included in a consolidated file computer NATO in Brussels, to which all the institutions of a One World Government will have instant access at any time. Summary files of the CIA, the FBI, state police and local police, IRS (IRS), Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)
Social Insurance Agency will be significantly expanded and will form the basis of a database of personal files on every citizen of the United States.
Marriages will be outlawed, and family life, as we understand it now, do not be. Children will be selected from their parents at an early age, and they will be brought up guards as state property. Women will be corrupted by a continuous process, "the emancipation of women." Free sex will be compulsory.

Violation of a woman over the age of 20 years established rules will be severely punished. After the birth of two children of women will be taught self-abortion; the relevant data will be kept in the personal file of each woman in the regional computers World Government. If a woman becomes pregnant after she gave birth to two children, she was forcibly sent to a clinic for an abortion, and thus will be made sterilization.
Widespread is pornography, and each theater will be displayed in the mandatory porn, including gay and lesbian pornography. The use of "rejuvenating" the drug will be mandatory - each will be allocated a quota for drugs that can be bought in stores World governments around the world. Will be widely disseminated drugs, mind-altering, and their use is mandatory. Such mind-altering drugs will be added to food or drinking water without the consent of the people. Everywhere will be created narcotic bars, the managing agent of a world government in which people are slaves will spend their free time. Thus, excluded from the elite masses will be reduced to the level of trained animals without own will easily submit and managed.


The economic system is based on the rule of the oligarchic class, allowing to produce as much food and services as necessary for the functioning of mass slave labor camps. All wealth will be concentrated in the hands of the elite members of the "Committee of 300". Each person will be inspired that survival depends entirely on the state. The world will be governed by Executive Decree "Committee of 300", which immediately will receive the force of law.
Industry needs to be completely destroyed along with nuclear power systems. Only members of the "Committee of 300" and their elected representatives will have the right to dispose of the earth's resources. Agriculture will be exclusively in the hands of the "Committee of 300", and that food production will be strictly controlled. When these measures begin to bear fruit, the population of large cities will force moved to remote areas, and those who refuse to leave, will be destroyed by the method of Pol Pot in Cambodia.
Euthanasia (painless killing) the terminally ill and the elderly will become mandatory. The urban population will not exceed a predetermined level. Skilled workers will be moved to other cities if the city where they live, will be overcrowded. Other unskilled workers will be selected at random and sent to the not fully populated cities to fill their quota.

At least 4 billion "useless eaters" will be cut by 2050 in limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal, rapidly occurring disease and starvation. The amount of electricity, food and water will be maintained at a level sufficient only to sustain life neelity primarily white population of Western Europe and North America, and then the other races. The population of Canada, Western Europe and the United States will be reduced faster than in other continents, while the world population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion, of which 500 million will be Chinese and Japanese, accustomed to unquestioningly obey the authorities.
From time to time will be artificially created shortage of food, water and medical care to remind the masses that their existence is entirely dependent on the goodwill of "Committee of 300".

After the destruction of such industries as construction, automotive, metallurgy, heavy engineering, housing construction will be limited, and saved the industry, as well as all scientific and space research will be entirely subordinate "Committee of 300". Space weapons of the former will be destroyed with nuclear weapons. All primary and secondary pharmaceutical products, doctors, dentists and other health care providers will be registered in a central computer database, and medicine or medical care will not be provided without the express permission of regional controllers responsible for each city, town and village.

United States filled with people of alien cultures that finally overwhelm White America, people for whom food and shelter are the major concerns.
Will be banned activities of all central banks, except the Bank for International Settlements and the World Bank. Private banks will be outlawed. Remuneration for work performed will be made on a uniform, predetermined scale of world government. Will not be allowed any demanding higher wages, as well as any deviations from the standard uniform scale of salaries, establishment of a world government. Those who violate the law will be immediately punished.
In the hands of neelity there will be no cash or coins. All calculations are performed using a debit card, which will be applied to the identification number of the owner. Any person who violates the rules and regulations, "Committee of 300", will be punished by suspension of cards at a time, depending on the nature and gravity of the offense.

When these people go shopping, they suddenly find: their cards blacklisted and they will not be able to obtain any product or service. Attempts to sell the "old" coins, ie silver coins of ancient peoples or gone out, will be treated as a serious crime punishable by death. All old coins will require to pass by a certain date with pistols, rifles, explosives and cars. Only the elite and high-ranking World Government will be allowed to have personal weapons, money and cars.
If a person has committed a serious crime, his card is removed in the checkpoint where he her to provide. After that, people will not be able to get food, water, shelter, and quality medical care and will be officially considered expelled. Thus will create more rogue gang, and they will live in places where it is easier just to get a livelihood. They will hunt and kill at the first opportunity. Persons assisting rogue will also be killed. Instead of criminals who do not pass the police or the military for a certain period of time, prison sentences will serve their relatives, taken at random.

Will burn contradictions between rival factions and groups such as Arabs and Jews, African tribes, and they are allowed to carry on a war of extermination under the supervision of NATO and UN observers. The same tactic is used in Central and South America. These wars of extermination will occur BEFORE the government approved a settlement, and they will be organized in all continents, where large groups of people living with ethnic and religious differences, such as Sikhs, Muslims, Pakistani and Indian Buddhists. Ethnic and religious conflicts will be strengthened and intensified, and as a means of "settlement" of these contradictions will incite a violent conflicts.

All information services and printing facilities will be under the control of World Government. Under the guise of "entertainment" will be held regularly brainwashing that has been practiced in the United States, where it became an art. Children taken from "disloyal parents" will receive training aimed at hardening them. Young people of both sexes train to carry the protection of places of detention system of labor camps of World Government. Obviously, there is still much to be done before the coming New World Order. "Committee of 300" long before perfected plans for the destruction of civilization, which we are accustomed to appreciate and love.

Three theoretical approaches to globalization can be considered classical theory of imperialism, dependency theory and the theory of the world system. They share the premise and are similar ideological burden. Each of these concerns mainly the economic sphere and aims to uncover the mechanisms of exploitation and injustice. Thus, they have explicitly Marxist roots and left orientation.
The rudiments of the theory of imperialism are found in the writings of Vladimir Lenin, who gave a critical characteristic of contemporary capitalism of the early XX century. It defines imperialism as the last stage of capitalism, when overproduction and falling profit margins are forcing him to resort to emergency measures. Imperialist expansion, which manifests itself in the conquest, colonization, economic control over other countries is the essence of the strategy of capitalism, it needs to escape from imminent collapse.

Expansion has three main economic goals: get cheap labor, cheap raw materials acquisition and opening new markets for goods. As a result of imperialist domination world becomes asymmetrical: it extrapolates the situation within the state, with its class struggle, exploitation of minority majority. Globally, it is reflected in the fact that several of the capitalist metropolises exploit the vast majority of the less developed or underdeveloped societies. As a result - an unfair one-way flow of resources and profits, the widening gap between rich and poor countries (the rich get richer and the poor - poorer). Only the world revolution of the exploited people can break this vicious circle.

In the middle of the XX century. similar idea has been taken up by theorists explore the relationship between the countries of the first and the third world in the post-colonial period, when direct political rule from the outside come to an end, but remained the economic dependence. "Dependency theory" was developed in Latin America and mainly reflected the situation in the region, but its basic idea can be applied to explain the reasons for the lag from the West and many other countries. Its starting premise is that the reason for the backwardness of Latin American countries is rooted not only in the internal factors; played an important role here and external influence.

Henri Gyunder Frank put forward a pessimistic explanation constant and irresistible lag in Latin America. According to him, this contributes to, firstly, the fact that between capitalist metropolises (in particular, the United States and are subordinate to them TNCs) and dependent "satellites" to establish unequal relationship. In the production of local resources are spent, and a large share of the surplus product appropriated by foreign capital, ie, This product comes from the satellite countries in the metropolis.
Second, the elite dependent country (large entrepreneurs, managers, highly qualified specialists, policy) was driven by self-interest, take out their money and look for the possibility of their investments outside their own state. In other words, the local elite entered the service of foreign capital and strictly complies with all its requirements. Even if members of the local elite did not leave the country, in their hopes, affections and preferences they are still far away from it. In fact it is obedient guards dependent status of their homeland.

The result is a "chain of dependence." Local elites, built in mechanism outside exploitation and get some share of the profits, is not willing to pursue economic sovereignty. The only social force that has the potential to break this "chain of dependence" - the lower classes, who do not participate in the profits and bear the burden of operation. However, compared with the combined might of the metropolises and their faithful servants, the possibilities of this class is very small. Chances to change the situation, they have little, except for the desperate popular uprisings "from below."

Somewhat more optimistic picture painted in the theory of "dependent development" F. Cardoso and E. Faletti. The main problem, they say, is the lack of their own self-developed technologies and production of basic goods.
But there lurks and a ray of hope. Inflow of foreign investments for the appearance of islands in the sea of backwardness high-tech, modern enterprises, which is trained skilled worker class is formed and accumulates experience the local elite managers an incentive to follow the path leading to economic success. Gaining motivation that drives entrepreneurship, gradually formed the middle class begins accumulation of local capital. At a certain stage, these accumulated quantitative changes may lead to a qualitative leap, the economic "breakthrough" and thereby reduce dependence. "Newly industrialized countries" (such as Brazil or Mexico), the so-called Asian Tigers (Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong), the country's former communist bloc developments demonstrate it in such a scenario.


In the cultural sphere has two basic scenarios. The first - a scenario "global homogenization", which assumes complete dominance of Western culture. The rest of the world is becoming a replica of the Western lifestyle, Western consumption patterns, values and norms, ideas and beliefs. The same goods in the stores, the same performances in theaters, movies in cinema bestsellers in bookstores and news in newspapers, on television soap operas and hits on the disks. Any local specificity disappears under pressure unifying influence of the West.
The second scenario - "hybridization of culture." It includes not just blind perception, as well as dialogue and exchange, when penetrating the metropolitan culture is enriched by certain values periphery. Representatives of the peripheral culture imported products are selected according to their cultural tastes and needs. Local cultural values may extend and enrich this new basis. As a result, formed "hybridization of culture."Not excluded achieve planetary consensus in matters relating to values and ideas. And possible unification of the nation-state under the auspices of a world government. This type of world order is in the center of the political debate.

The above is just an opinion, but actually impossible to predict the future. There may be an infinite number of scenarios of what awaits us in the future, and this is just one of them.


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