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Scene Twenty Ė The Airport


Alicia (voice-over): Iím sorry I didnít see you off. Too much happened in too short a time, and I donít know how to feel. Without reflecting on the situation, I swallow my pride, and in the end your leaving for America really is painful to me. So thatís how things are, and I donít think I could bear to see you off. But there is one more thing thatís been made perfectly clear to me. And that is that I donít want to continue living as I have up until now. I think I shall set out once more to find a new life for myselfÖ..


Renhart is reading Aliciaís letter when Troilo comes up beside him.


Troilo: Got them, got them, got them!


Renhart: Ah, whatís up?


Troilo: Iíve found them.


Renhart: Eh?


Troilo: The jewels! Afterwards I went over the pawn shops with a fine-toothed comb, and we got them! They were in the 23rd one.


Renhart: Ohhh?


Troilo: What, I thought youíd be more surprised. Did your end go well?


Renhart: I suppose so.


Troilo: Tell me, will you. What on earth was it all about?


Renhart: I contributed to world peace.


Troilo: Youíre pulling my leg?


Renhart: Well, thatís what itís been called.


Troilo: Really? Will you get a medal or anything?


Renhart: Naw, Iíll just give evidence.


Troilo: That kind of thing?


Renhart: That kind of thing.


Troilo: Youíre coming back, right?


Renhart: ÖIím not sure.


Troilo: About what?


Renhart: Should I begin, or should I keep on living in comfort?


Troilo: What?


Renhart: Ah, never mind me. Woah, I have to get going.


Troilo: Come back! Because Iíll be waiting. Weíll kick back and have a drink.


Alicia (voice-over): When I think of it, after I returned to the abbey when my father died, I was afraid of beginning. My life is simply holding on to the diluted pain. I suppose for me, in that condition, the abbey was an ideal world. But there are still so many things that need doing in this country. Of course looking after the orphans is still one of those things. But I think there are definitely things which you canít see if you donít try to live among all the people. Iím leaving the abbey. And Iím going to live a full life, as a woman. One of these days, no matter in what form, I look forward to seeing you again.


As the words continue, Alicia appears. She is in the tanguera once more, dancing.


Scene Twenty-One Ė The Tanguera


Renhart appears. Alicia stops dancing.


Alicia: Youíve come back?


Renhart: Thatís right.


Alicia: Youíll go to America again?


Renhart: Often, but for now Iím employed by this embassy.


Alicia: ÖÖ..


Renhart: So next time, come see me off.


Alicia: And the time after that?


Renhart: Mm.


Alicia: And after that, forever?


Renhart: Letís begin again. Letís go back to when we first met here.


Alicia: Yes.


Renhart: A new life, together.


Alicia: Can you dance the tango? Jay?


They dance.

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