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Herpes of pregnancies

This is rare dermatitis; appear usually on 5-6 weeks of pregnancy. To children birth from mother ill of herpes of pregnancies prognoses usually unfavorable. Newborn child have analogical eruption but usually ill mother have dead child or with abnormity. Pregnancy may end maceration of fruit or early birth.

More authors look this dermatitis as autoimmunity diseases. In opinion of authors is immunology sensibility of mother against material of child or placenta play role in the pathogenesis this disease.

Clinically picture. Characterized developing on the skin trunk and extremities erythematous-urticarity of macula on the back-ground they or on the peripheral appear little bulls element, they immediate nearness between then opening and contents dry up formation of crusts.

Usually in the time of acute diseases increase temperature of body, appear weakness, already trouble of itching and burning; they precede developing of dermatitis. In the peripheral blood and in the contents of bulls discovering increase eosinophils.



Subcornealy pustulous

A disease has description Sneddon and Wilkinson (1956).

Characterized developing superficial pustule-flicten has flabby cover and serous-pus contents. Eruption is arrangement on the erythematous and little edematous back-ground and surrounding zone erythema. Covering flicten rapidly is open and contents dry up formation of crusts. On the peripheral there is scrappy epidermis.

In the contents of flicten discovery number acantolitic sells and neutrophils. Fireplaces have united and center pat there is stage regression and peripheral zone have free eruption. All this have parti-colored picture remind geography cart.

Favorite localized are skin trunk, abdomen, armpits fold, groin fold and extremities. Skin is of palms, soles and mucous membrane of oral cavity not damage. Subjective sensation is light itching. Common condition of patient is usually satisfactory.



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