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Transitory acantholysis dermatous Grovera.

Dermatit Grovera presence is original reaction of skin by astenised people, predisposition for allergic reaction having highly sensation for ultraviolet light. Diseases may be look is prose’s paraneoplasion.

It is dermatitis characterized developing little compact papules bright-red color or color normal skin having on the surface small vesicle and according of itching. Itching there is integral subjective symptom of diseases. Fireplace localized on the breast, shoulders, neck, back and thigh.

Treatment used vitamin A, antibiotics, glucocorticoid cream. Good therapeutic effect getting by used aromatic retinoid and rezohin since there is fotosenebilisation.


Nonacantholysis pemphigus

- Bullous pemphigoid Lever.

This disease is separation Lever in 1953 year from group true pemphigus as peculiar form dermatitis differ more benign developing and quite other pathohistological signs. People have pemphigoid about 60 years however this diseases description and by children before 10 years.

Bullous pemphigoid is examined as autoimmune diseases. Immune complex composition as antigen connective tissue membrane and antibody by this antigen they aside in the region basal membrane as skin as mucous merman. Complement system is pay role damages action on the own tissue organism.

Ultra structures construction of basal membrane composition from 4 components: 1) plasmatic membrane of basal cells; 2) lamina lucida; 3) lamina densa; 4) sub basal membrane it is go in micro fibril of dermis and collagen, realize fasten epidermis to dermis and make mechanic support.

Fasten complement only certain pat this lamina lucida. Upper 3 layer of basal membrane may ectodermic origin, and sub basal layer – mesenchimal.

Clinically picture. Characterized is developing gross strained bulls on the erythematous bases. Bulls may be single or polygamy and inclined on the trunk and extremities. Contain of bulls is transparent or hemorrhagic. Favorite of localized is groins fold, lower pat of abdomen, extremities. Erosion it is formation after opening bulls none have tendencies from peripheral grown. Except typically bulls van can see fireplace limited erythema with pat clear up in the center – this is formation now bulls. As against pemphigus vulgares bulls of pemphigoid Lever may safety a few days and opening in consequence of damage. Symptom Nicolscogo are as nearby fireplace as on none damage of skin is negative, and into smear-print acantolitic cells not look.

Some authors are mark contact between bulous pemphigoid with kidneys diseases. Since free circulating immunity complex is have nephrotoxically effect. It is formation is pathological change into kidneys.

Provocation factor in the developing pemphygoid Lever is may different medicine drugs such as Furosemid.

Observation is association bullous pemphigoid and malignant internal organs.

Treatment. General therapeutic drugs are glucocorticoid, they prescribe in the doses ½, 1/3 from doses used by pempthigus vulgares.

Glucocorticoid prescribe simultaneous with DDS (duamino-dufenil-sylphon) 50-100 mg a day, curs treatment from 3 week till 2,5 year. DDS there is inhibits role on the complement system this is pathognomonic by bullous pemphigoid.

Positive therapeutic effect van can see by used Cyclosporine A in doses 6-8 mg on kg.



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