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Classically form pemphigus vegetans (tip Neimana).

Characterized sudden appear bulls usually on the mucous membrane oral cavity and simultaneous flabby bulls appear on the skin surround natural folds (groin-thigh, between buttocks, under mammary glands, in region of navel). Covering of bulls rapidly open and strip bright-red erosion. On the surface erosion through 4-6 days appears juice vegetation with stench smell.

By long tames pathologically process exudates on the surface vegetation dry up by compact crusts and of the peripheral diffusion fireplaces damages van can see folliculate and pustule.

Symptomís Nicolscogo by more ill pemphigus vegetans positive by immediate nearness from fireplace damage and on the invariable of skin only of terminality stages of the diseases. Acantoliticís cells detect are as a bulls as a surface vegetatic.

Pemphigus vulgares tips Gallopo. Developing these diseases there is more favorable and characterized periodís remission. This form is always according pustules and folliculate elements.




Characterized clinical symptom pemphigus folliaceus there is repeated appear superficial bulls upon crusts by the region before erosions. Bulls is little settle on the edemas erythematous bases that remind clinically

dermatitis herpetiformis Duhring. Symptomís Nicolscogo good express as nearness fireplace damage as a remote pats of skin.

Mucous membrane is not involved by pathological process.




By erythematous form characterized associated symptoms lupus erythematous, pemphigus and seborrhea. Early first symptom appear on the skin of face, scalp and then on the trunk. Appear erythematous fireplaces with distinct marginal on the surface there is thin crusts. Bulls usually flabby with thin cover and very rapidly open therefore appear this is not see as a patient as a doctor. Symptomís Nicolscogo in the zone damage by all ill positive.


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