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Is it easy to be young?


Talk-show format




Presenter (Dasha)
Psychologist (Max)
Mother of three children (Liza)
Teacher (Helen)
A-grade pupil (who is strongly judging teenagers) (Andrew)
B-grade pupil (who is actually satisfied with the whole situation) (Nastya)
E-grade pupil (who is also a goth and is unsatisfied with the situation) (Artem)

A foreign pupil (who is having some difficulties with getting used to the situation) (Sasha)



Equipment required:


Presentation with illustrations
Poster (will be made by Liza)

Letters (will be written by Dasha, Nastya and Andrew)





Presenter: Iím glad to greet everybody here in our theme lesson! Today we are going to talk about a really pressing question Ė is it easy to be young? Some of you may think that there are no particular difficulties in being a teenager Ė well, today we are going to ask those who do know the issue inside out Ė the teenagers themselves! So, my name is Darya Bedenko, and we are about to begin a discussion ĎIs it easy to be young?í


And our guests today are:

A famous psychologist Max Mandritsky (Max stands up)

A mother of three children Elizabeth Ulitko (Liza stands up)

A teacher with a great experience in working with teens Helen Shapovalova (Helen stands up)

An A-grade schoolboy Andrew (Andrew stands up)

A B-grade schoolgirl Nastya (Nastya stands up)

A goth with some problems in school Artem (stands up)

And a foreign student from South Korea Sasha (stands up)


So tell us, guys, please, what do you think Ė is it actually easy to be young?


Artem: Let me begin. Iím goth, thatís the way I express myself. But not everybody in school understands it. In fact, I think that teachers hate me. Iím not good in studying, I just donít like it and donít find it necessary. I have lots of problems with adults because of that. So itís really difficult to be young. Nobody even tries to understand you!

Andrew: Of course, if you donít even bother about your studies.

Presenter (to Andrew): Do you have something to say?

Andrew: Well, I think I have. I donít think that Artem is right. For him itís difficult to be young just because he is obligated to do something, not just to hang out. Well, I think that people must work. Being young is definitely not easy at all, because you have to prepare for exams and work hard in order to create your future.

Nastya: Iím sorry to interrupt you, but why on earth are you so pessimistic? You both totally forgot about such thing as falling in love, making friends, learning interesting things in life, travelling. I strongly believe that itís a fabulous time! I love being young. I donít have many problems in school, and I donít think that you must dedicate yourself to work only. There is always some time to have a rest!

Presenter: Thank you guys for your opinions. For me, every single person is right in some way. But in order to know more, letís ask adults now. So, Elizabeth, what do you think?

Liza: I have three children, so I can say that I know their common problems. Of course, each age has its own problems, but I think that teen age is the best one. This is, truly, the time when you make your very first steps in life!

Max: What about Artemís problems, I can give him a piece of advice. If you want people to be tolerant to you, try to be tolerant to them. And, I believe, you must catch up with the rest of your class in order to make your studies better. Try to be interested in it Ė and I assure you that thing will work out.

Artem: Iíll try that.

Sasha: And what can you advice to me? I am a foreign student, and it not very easy to get used to this new environment here. Whatís more, some classmates are always laughing at me and joking on meÖ

A-grade: Isnít there a special document about childrenís rights?

Max: You are absolutely right, Andrew! And this document is called the UN convention on the rights of child. And the very first article states that children have the right to non-discrimination, whatever their race, sex, language, religion or anything. So, Sasha, you are protected with this convention. I wish you to get accustomed quicker!

Sasha: Thank you!

Artem: I want to hear more about that convention! Isnít it said anywhere that my telephone calls arenít allowed to be listened? My parents always do that!

Nastya: Of course there is an article about that! As far as I remember, it is Article 16. Children have the right to privacy.

Presenter: Thatís what you can tell to your parents next time.

Artem: Great! And what are other articles about?
(next phrases are to be illustrated on the monitor)

Andrew: Children have the right to health and health care.

Liza: I know that article! The government must give children good medical service and try to reduce the number of deaths in childhood.

Max: Also, children have the right to protection. Government must protect children from harm, cruelty and dangerous drugs.

Helen: Artem, you are becoming interested with some educational facts! And thatís great. You also have got the right to education and getting information.

Andrew: Especially to useful information. Like this!

Presenter: So, it seems that Artem has run out of his problems, hasnít he? But we canít say the same about a couple of teenagers who decided to write to us in order to find solutions to their problems. Letís listen to the letters and try to give them a piece of advice.



1 letter is being read. Then, in the studio the possible answers are discussed.
Answer 1 (written by Dasha): Hello, Martin. Your problem is quite common. I suppose that your problem roots in your lack of confidence. Try to do your best at school, despite the fact that you do not like it. If you improve your marks, youíll fell much more confident. And donít worry about your appearance. You can try to do some sports Ė and, who knows, maybe in a couple of years there will be your turn to laugh at your classmates.

Answer 2 and 3 are to be written by ANDREW and NASTYA.


2 letter is being read. Then, in the studio the possible answers are discussed.

Answer 1: Hello, Susan. Have you tried to understand your parentsí point of view? Perhaps, to be tolerant is what you need? Try to listen to some other kinds of music. Try to show your parents that youíre not a little girl and give your reasons for wearing such clothes and such make-up. Be sure that your parents are trying to do the best for you! Donít make the monsters of them.


3 letter is being read. Then, in the studio the possible answers are discussed.

Answer 1: Hello Sally. You know, your desire to work is worth encouraging. But you must consider that your parents want you to get a good education first. Think this question over with your parents again and try to find a compromise. For example, you can work once or twice a week. Behave yourself like a grown-up and responsible person. Your parents must be sure that their daughter is old enough to work.



Presenter: Dear guests, I want you to answer a question. Why do you think teenagers have so much problems? Weíve worked with three letters only, and there are many more of them. Why do young people face old problems?

Helen: Basically, itís not a global question. We are living in a very difficult world today, so young people have to adjust to it since school years. We all have problems. Teenagers learn how to deal with them, and I think it is very useful for them. Theyíre learning how to live in future.

Max: I agree with that, but we also must remember that we, the adult ones, are to help them.

Liza: Of course, because theyíre still not mature enough to deal with real life.

Presenter: Thank you for your opinions. So, now, when we have led this discussion to an end, letís try again to answer to main question. Is it easy to be young? Let me summarize. As we have heard previously, youth has both advantages and disadvantages. When we are young, weíre making our first steps in life, getting education, falling in love, discovering the world around. But, in addition to that, weíre facing difficult exams, problems with people around, arguments with parents. What can we say? However difficult being young is, we must appreciate this beautiful and breath-taking time. Weíre worlds apart with our parents, but that is inevitable and we can discard this problem if we want to. So letís finish our talk show with a compromise. Being young is once, and thatís the main. Thank you!



One Direction Ė Live While Weíre Young (as a final soundtrack)



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