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You’d Never Believe It!

Jim and Helen Bishop are two people you would never suspect (if you looked at them in the natural) to accomplish the things they do. Both are over seventy years old but they have a desire to be obedient and to please Jesus. The following testimony was received from them and we ‘re inserting it with absolutely no changes. They are not well educated people, they are not wealthy people, they are just people who love Jesus with their mind, their heart, their body and their soul and who believed that if Charles and Frances can do it, you can do it too. Look what they have accomplished.

The charter we got, patterned after yours, has born much fruit!

We ordained a man named Lou Castriota, who had a dozen folks in a prayer group.

They quickly grew into a group (40) who are doing free give-a-ways in parks, with meals, groceries, prayer for salvation, healing, baptism, etc.

This Saturday, they are going to be seven locations where folks from Catholic, Protestant and Episcopal churches band together. No arguments, no striving for memberships, just the Word and “Jesus Loves You,” on their lips.

It’s an all day affair, food, clothing, music, prayers, even some free haircuts!

It’s a miracle and it spawned from Miracle Ministry, (ours) from YOUR ministry.

There is also a weekly group who go to a poor black neighborhood every Friday night and do the same thing there. We have drunks, dope addicts, prostitutes and discouraged people come and eat and listen to the prayers.

Some stay for counseling, some get saved and some get healed and bring friends the next week. It’s on a double parking lot of a “Resource Center,” no facilities, they sit on the parking bumpers and some chairs.

The group doing all this is called “New Beginnings.” Indeed it is, for many.

At the all day affairs monthly we have security police and county booths for crisis helps.

A black Pentecostal church is using our preachers. We all went there Sunday and the place was “shaken.” They loved us. The word was preached, several got healed and joy was there.

YOU can do it, too!
(Jim and Helen Bishop)

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