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Miracles Began To Happen – Immediately!

Renée Branson has been the anointed secretary for John Osteen, pastor of the great Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, for fifteen years. She has sat under his outstanding teaching all of these precious years and is so full of the Word that it literally pours out of her constantly. She is a total delight to be around at all times, but you will be thrilled to see what happened when she believed “If Charles and Frances can do it, you can do it, too!”

In November 1994 during a week of vacation time I decided to visit Charles and Frances Hunter’s ministry office because I was interested in their miracle ministry They graciously spent two hours with me and gave me a lot of teaching material including their fifteen hour tape series on “How To Heal The Sick”. That week of vacation I watched those teaching tapes hour after hour, taking thirty pages of notes, and God deposited so much in me that literally changed the course of my life and ministry. Immediately miracles began to happen as I put into practice what I had learned.

I believe one of the greatest things I learned was that I was not waiting on God to do something – He was waiting on me to do something! I learned God was not the one limiting me, but that I was limiting Him. I learned that when we obey The Great Commission to go, preach, teach, heal, cast out demons, and help people receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, that Jesus will work with us to confirm His Word with signs following.

The second most important thing I learned from the tapes was to quickly categorize a person’s ailment into one of three categories so that I could apply healing in a specific way to get results. I remember the shocking statement the Hunters made that “Jesus never prayed for the sick.” They explained that Jesus healed by “speaking and laying hands on people.” I learned that there are a great variety of ways to heal the sick, and that Jesus healed people primarily in three specific ways.

1) Jesus spoke to people’s bodies and they were healed.

2) Jesus spoke creative miracles, calling the things that be not as though they were.

3) Jesus spoke to demons to loose people’s bodies.

I was amazed watching the tapes how the human body responds to a spoken command of authority given in the name of the Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. To me this was the main key to unlocking the miracle-working power of God. When I spoke “in the name of Jesus” I was recognizing His authority over sickness and disease and every name that is named. And when I said, “and by the power of the Holy Spirit”, I was acknowledging that miracles are the work of the Holy Spirit who lives in me and gives me the same “dunamis” power to work miracles that Jesus had. I saw creative miracles on the tapes that increased my faith. I also learned that the majority of what the world calls “incurable” diseases are caused by demons attacking a person’s body, and that when you bind the demon and free the person from its influence, they begin immediately to amend.

One particular illustration Charles used in the tapes helped me to really understand the power of God and how it is available to every believer 24 hours a day. He explained that as a generator of electricity makes electrical power available continuously so that when a person goes to a wall switch and turns it on, the power from the generator is free to flow to illuminate a light bulb – just so, the Holy Spirit (the power) that lives in our spirit (the generator), makes His power available to us 24 hours a day, so that when we (the wall switch) lay hands on the sick (connecting the power), the person is healed (the light bulb illuminates). Then I fully understood that the Holy Spirit makes God’s healing power available to me continually to use whenever there is a need. I also learned that healing is not just in our hands, but that we are anointed from head to toe!

Another valuable lesson I learned from watching the tapes was when ministering to people to EXPECT something to happen – after all, you are literally releasing God’s power into people when you speak to them and/or lay hands on them. They, said if what you do doesn’t work, then try something else; listen to the instruction of the Holy Spirit inside your spirit and learn to cooperate with Him as He teaches you what to do. They said it is important to get people to act and begin to do what they could not do before so they can see that God has truly healed them. The Hunters’ childlike faith in God’s ability and willingness to heal left an indelible mark in my mind and heart.

The Hunters did not just teach about healing on the tapes; they demonstrated the power of God as God confirmed His Word with signs following. I saw actual healing miracles on the tapes. I learned that when I said what I heard Charles and Frances say, and did what I saw Charles and Frances do, I got the same results. They constantly said, “If Charles and Frances can do it, you can do it, too.”

Some practical things I learned included that pain, if not explained by some medical reason, was caused by a spirit of pain that would leave immediately when rebuked. Only three weeks after watching the healing videos, I rebuked a spirit of pain in a man’s shoulder and it left immediately. He had not been able to raise his arm above his head due to pain for several months, but was able immediately to raise his arm high over his head with no pain whatsoever!

I learned that 80% of all people have back problems and that a large portion of people’s ailments are due to spinal injuries. I learned injuries to the upper spine affect the eyes, ears, nose, face, and throat; injuries to the middle part of the spine affect the major organs in the body; injuries to the lower spine and pelvis affect the lower parts of the body. I leaned there are 100,000 nerves that are located at each disc between the vertebrae that when damaged can cause other body parts to malfunction.

I learned to command the discs, vertebrae, as well as the nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons connected to them, to line up perfectly in the spinal column and to be the proper length and strength.

I learned that a misaligned pelvic bone can be tilted too far backward or too far forward, be tilted with one hip higher than the other, be turned too far outward, or too far inward, causing such things as a sway back, straight back, curvature of the spine, bowlegs, or pigeon- toes, one leg or arm shorter than the other, and a variety of problems such as pain, bedwetting, female trouble, bowel problems, etc. I learned that commanding the pelvic bone to shift into place in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit causes the miracle-working power of God to go to work immediately to correct the position of the pelvic bone and bring it back into perfect alignment in the body, healing the affected parts of the body! As I have ministered this healing technique I have personally seen more miracles of healing in the back and pelvic areas than any other area.

I heard Frances say on the tapes that women can give birth supernaturally to their children by asking God to oil the birth canal with the oil of the Holy Spirit and to give birth within three hours with no pain. Recently our church staff prayed this for two of our staff members who were expecting babies, and both gave birth within three hours with minimal discomfort!

During the past two years since viewing the “How To Heal the Sick” video tapes, I have been sharing the information I learned with ladies groups, churches, and Bible school students. I have also told them, “If can do it, you can do it, too!” Those people who believe what I preach, teach, and demonstrate, and began to practice what they see and hear, are now seeing miracles, too. If they can do it, you can do it!

I saw Charles minister the baptism with the Holy Spirit to a group all at one time on the tapes and decided I could do it, too. I did it and group after group has been filled with the Holy Ghost, speaking in other tongues.

Let me share some of the outstanding miracles out of the hundreds where I have personally ministered healing to encourage you to believe God for great manifestations of His healing power through you as a believer.

in a meeting in Corpus Christi a mother brought an 18-month old baby for prayer who had one straight leg and one very crooked, arched leg in a half-moon shape. The baby was facing a series of corrective surgeries to straighten out the leg so it would be straight like the other one. I felt impressed by the Holy Ghost to lay my hand on the baby’s little pelvic bone, which I did, and I commanded it to rotate outward in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. I watched in amazement as the deformed leg straightened out completely right in front of my eyes, and was perfectly parallel to the other leg in less than five seconds! Wow!

I was in a ladies meeting in Kilgore, Texas when a woman with rheumatoid arthritis came for prayer. Her hands were so deformed, twisted and gnarled that her hands which were turned to the outside of her body at the wrists were clamped shut with swelling, and her fingers pointed upwards at the middle knuckles toward the backs of her hands!

I laid hands on her and rebuked the spirit of arthritis in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Then I commanded her closed fist to open up. Nothing happened, but I knew something should be happening. Suddenly, I heard myself say by the Holy Ghost (this thought never entered my mind), “You, foul, crippling spirit, in the name..” Suddenly the power of God began to flow into her hands like a river and the hands began to open from a clenched position very dramatically. As I continued to use the name of Jesus, the swollen knuckles and wrist bones on both hands that were three times their normal size reduced in size by one-half. Her fingers that were bent backward and blue on the tips, due to the circulation being cut off, began to straighten out very slowly. As I commanded the circulation to be restored, the fingertips on both hands became pink instantly! Then I commanded the hands which were turned at the wrists to straighten up and be aligned at the end of her arms, and they did! This miracle was like watching a 30-minute time-lapse photography film. It was very dramatic, and beautiful to watch the Holy Spirit work!

Recently a woman came for prayer who had a horrible wound in her hand. She said she had diabetes and the wound would not heal. The wound began at the center of her palm and fanned outward to a width of 1/2 inch in the middle of the outside edge of the hand under her little finger. It was 1/8 inch deep, split open, dried and bloody, and very painful. I laid my hands on her, bound the spirit of diabetes and commanded it to leave her. Then I spoke a creative miracle and asked God to give her a new pancreas. Next, I held her hand in mine and prayed for the healing virtue of the Lord Jesus Christ to flow into her hand and restore her flesh like that of a little child. I knew in the natural that it would take from three to six months of care at a special wound care center for a deep wound of that nature to heal. I was shocked when the woman came only eleven days later and the hand was totally healed with no discoloration whatsoever! The only evidence the wound had been there was a tiny bluish-white hairline mark that looked like an old scar at one place on the outside edge of her hand. Praise the Lord!

I say along with Charles and Frances Hunter, if we can do it, you can do it, too!
(Renée Branson)

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