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A truly educated person should know at least one for­eign language, which will enable him to communicate with foreigners, read books in the original, use a personal computer, take part in cultural and educational exchanges with other countries.

Among a great number of foreign languages I’ve cho­sen English because it is the world’s most important lan­guage in politics, science and culture. Over 330 mln people speak it as the mother tongue and nearly twice às many use it as a second language. Half of the world’s scientific lit­erature is in English. It is the language of computer tech­nology. You will hardly be able to find a good job unless. you master the English language.

Furthermore, English is a very melodic language. When I heard English speech for the first time, I was taken with the harmony of its sounds and intonations. Later while studying the English grammar I discovered the other way of reflecting reality. And what I liked most about Eng­lish, that’s its proverbs and idioms. They are wise, witty and rhymed, many traditions of the English nation are rep­resented in them.

Of course my command of the language is still rather far from being perfect. But I believe that everything de­pends on myself and I’m determined to achieve the aims I’m pursuing.



Nowadays it’s very necessary to know a foreign language. Knowledge of foreign language helps us to develop friendship and understanding among people. The total number of languages in the world is from 2500 to 5000. English is spoken all over the world and very popular. There is a proverb: “Knowledge is Power.” I agree with it. I study English, because I want to read English books of great writers in origin. I want to communicate with people from different countries, I want to understand their culture and traditions. I like to travel. Speaking English I can travel anywhere, because more than 1 billion people speak English. I have a pen-friend abroad. She lives in Sweden. I have much fun writing letters to my Swedish friend.

How do I learn English? First of all I read a lot. There is always an English book on my desk. I'm trying to learn few new words every day. To remember words better I put them into groups. I listen to songs in English and try to recognize the words. I have some tapes and video-tapes in English. I like to watch different satellite TV programs in English. I like studying English.


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