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The Quadrant II Paradigm

The key to effective management of self, or of others through delegation, is not in any technique or

THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE Brought to you by FlyHeart tool or extrinsic factor. It is intrinsic -- in the Quadrant II paradigm that empowers you to see through the lens of importance rather than urgency.

I have included in the Appendix an exercise called "A Quadrant II Day at the Office" which will enable you to see in a business setting how powerfully this paradigm can impact your effectiveness.

As you work to develop a Quadrant II paradigm, you will increase your ability to organize and

execute every week of your life around your deepest priorities, to walk your talk. You will not be

dependent on any other person or thing for the effective management of your life.

Interestingly, every one of the Seven Habits is in Quadrant II. Every one deals with fundamentally

important things that, if done on a regular basis, would make a tremendous positive difference in our



Application Suggestions:


1. Identify a Quadrant II activity you know has been neglected in your life -- one that, if done well, would have a significant impact in your life, either personally or professionally. Write it down and

commit to implement it.

2. Draw a Time Management Matrix and try to estimate what percentage of your time you spend

in each quadrant. Then log your time for three days in 15-minute intervals. How accurate was your

estimate? Are you satisfied with the way you spend your time? What do you need to change.

3. Make a list of responsibilities you could delegate and the people you could delegate to or train

to be responsible in these areas. Determine what is needed to start the process of delegation or


4. Organize your next week. Start by writing down your roles and goals for the week, then

transfer the goals to a specific action plan. At the end of the week, evaluate how well your plan

translated your deep values and purposes into your daily life and the degree of integrity you were able

to maintain to those values and purposes.

5. Commit yourself to start organizing on a weekly basis and set up a regular time to do it.

6. Either convert your current planning tool into a fourth generation tool or secure such a tool.

7. Go through "A Quadrant II Day at the Office" (Appendix B) for a more in-depth understanding of the impact of a Quadrant II paradigm.




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