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The Story Ends


That is nearly the end of my story. I have one last thing to write. But it is the most terrible thing of all.

For days and nights, I have sat at my desk here at Monk's Piece. I have tried to write down the rest of my story. But my tears have stopped me. My dear wife, Esme, sees I am unhappy. But she doesn't know why.

But now I am ready to finish my story.

Stella and I returned to London. Six weeks later, we were married. My wife and I were not rich. But we were happy.

A year later, our son was born. Our happiness was complete. I did not think of the past. And I had no more had dreams.

Another year passed. Our son was about a year old. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. Stella and I took our boy to one of the parks in London.

Everyone was happy. The sun was shining. Children were running about on the green grass. Music was playing. Everyone was enjoying the holiday.

Someone was giving rides to children in a pony and trap. Our son saw the trap. He shouted and pointed at it.

It was a small trap. There was room for only two pas≠sengers. So Stella took the boy. I stood watching them happily.

The trap went behind some trees. I looked around me at the happy people.

And then I saw her. The woman in black. She was standing near a big tree.

She looked at me. There was no mistake. I was looking at the white face and staring eyes of Jennet Humfrye.

My body was icy cold. I could not move. I saw the terrible hate in the woman's eyes.

At that moment, the pony and trap came back. It came towards me, between the tall trees. My dear Stella was smiling. Our little sun was laughing. I stepped forward.

They passed the tree where the woman in black was standing.

She moved quickly in front of the pony. The frightened pony shrieked. It turned and ran back under the trees. The driver could not stop it.


There was a terrible crash. Then silence. The woman in black had gone. But my darling Stella and my dear son lay on the grass. They did not move.

Our baby son was dead. Stella's body was broken. But she did not die. Not then. For ten long months, I sat by her bed. Then Stella died at last from her terrible injuries.

They asked me for my story. I have told it. There is nothing more to write.


  Points for Understanding  
    Describe the journey across Nine Lives Causeway.
  Z Describe Eel Marsh House.
    How long could Arthur stay before the tide covered the causeway
Where does Arthur Kipps live? Who does he live with?   again?
Why do the children's stories not frighten Arthur? Arthur saw a woman in the churchyard. Why did he shake with
Why is Arthur not able to tell a story?   fear?
What does Arthur decide to do? What kind of furniture did Arthur find in every room?
    ( Why would Arthur have a lot of work to do in the house?
How old was Arthur when his story began? What was his work?  
Mr Bentley asked Arthur to go to Mrs Drablow's funeral. (a) What was the name of Mrs Drablow's house? (b) Where was it? (c) What was Arthur to do after the funeral? The sea-mist was moving quickly over the marshes. (a) Why was Arthur afraid to go on walking? (b) Why did he think Keckwick was coming towards him? (c) What terrible sound did he hear next?
What a strange address!' I said. What was Mr Bentley's reply? What time did Keckwick come for Arthur?
Why did Arthur write a note to Stella?   I now knew the truth, Arthur thought to himself. What was the
`Didn't Mrs Drablow have any friends?' I asked. (a) Why did Arthur ask Mr Daily this question? (b) What was Mr Daily's reply?   truth?
`Are you trying to frighten me, Mr Daily?' Arthur asked. , (a) What was Mr Daily's reply?  
  (b) How did Mr Daily show he was a kind man? Why could Arthur not get anyone to help him with his work?
Did Arthur sleep well at the Gifford Arms? Why was he thankful for that one night's good sleep? Where did Arthur go after he saw Mr Jerome?
  Who did Arthur meet when he returned to Crythin Gifford?
Describe the countryside round the town of Crythin Gifford. What advice was Arthur given? Why wouldn't Arthur accept the
Who was Mr Jerome?   advice?
Describe the woman Arthur saw standing at the back of the church. Who was Spider?
What happened when Arthur tried to point the woman out to Mr Jerome?    
Who was going to take Arthur to Eel Marsh House?    
Why was it not always possible to go to Eel Marsh House?    



8. 10.

Arthur was able to read some of the writing on one gravestone. Why did Arthur pray: `Rest in peace'?
  (a) How many people had been buried in the grave? Suddenly two things happened. What two things?
  (b) How were they related? Why did Arthur have to go back to the child's bedroom? Why did
Why did Arthur get out of bed in the middle of the night?   he not want to go back there?
There was a locked room Arthur could not get into. Why did he Why did Spider run out onto the marshes?
  want to get into this room? How did Arthur save Spider?
  9. `As I got nearer the house, I looked up.'
Arthur began to read the letters carefully.   (a) Who did Arthur see? (b) Why did he begin to shake? (c) What did he hear?
  (a) What was the name of the person who had signed the letters?  
(b) Who were the letters written to? The letters told a sad story. What was the story? Who was in the house when Arthur woke up?
Then the letters became full of anger. Why was the writer angry? Why had Arthur decided to leave Eel Marsh House?
The paper was about a boy called Nathaniel.   Arthur went to have one last look in the child's bedroom. What
  (a) Who was Nathaniel's mother? (b) Who had adopted him? had changed? Why did Arthur turn his eyes away as he left the estuary?
What sound did Arthur suddenly hear coming again from the    
locked room? (9. chapter) Why did Arthur go outside to the wood-shed?  
What did Arthur know had happened sometime in the past?    
The bumping sound was louder now. Where did Arthur stay for a few days?
  (a) Why was the bumping sound louder? What information was on the death certificates?
  (b) What was making the sound? What was the question Arthur did not know the answer to?
  (c) What other things did Arthur see in the child's bedroom?  
  l `Then the accident happened,' said Mr Daily. (a) What happened in the accident? (b) Where did jennet see the accident from? What happened after jennet died?
What stopped Arthur writing the rest of the story? What else happens each time Jennet's ghost is seen?
How was Arthurís happiness made complete? Who had come to take Arthur home?
Where did Arthur and Stella go one sunny Sunday afternoon? `Then has a child ... ?'
Someone was giving rides for children... (a) What were they giving rides in? (b) Who did Arthur see standing near a big tree? (c) What happened next?   (a) Complete Arthur's question. (b) What was Mr Daily's reply?


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