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1.1 Read the sentences in column A and find the opposites of the verbs in column B.


1. The whole family is present.

2. She is well today.

3. I was busy last Sunday.

4. My friend is always late for classes.

5. Ann is happy today.

6. I think you are right.

7. Her sister is married.

8. Ill be asleep tomorrow morning.

9. Mike was always very good at mathematics.


a. We were free last weekend.

b. Theyre very bad at physics.

c. She is ill.

d. John is absent from school.

e. I guess youre wrong.

f. He is always in time for lectures.

g. My little brother is awake.

h. His brother is single.

i. She is very sad today.


1.2 Fill in the gaps with one of the words above.

1. I'm so ___to help you. 2. If we don't hurry up, we won't be to catch the train. 3. I'm surprised shes ___ for classes today. 4. Im ___, but Id like to get married some day. 5. My sister is ___ to a really nice man. 6. That clock is ___ - it's 12.30 not 12.15. 7. The students are ___ with their homework. 8. I was ___ and unhappy after my examination. 9. You were ___ about Pete - he's a real troublemaker. 10. He is seriously ___ in hospital. 11. I'm surprised to see you awake - ten minutes ago you were ___. 12. I was never very ___ at English.


1.3 Read and translate the sentences with have and have got.

1. Is that your camera? Can I have a look? 2. Goodbye! Have a good journey! 3. Do you have a moment (=have some time)? 4. What time does she usually have lunch? 5. We always have a good time in our English lessons (=we enjoy them). 6. Ive got three sisters. Have you got any brothers and sisters? 7. Shes got a lot of new friends in London. 8. Hes got a cold. 9. David! Can I have a word with you for a moment? 10. I always have a quick shower when I get up. 11. I always have a sleep after lunch. 12. Could I have the bill, please? 13. I havent got a CD player at the moment. 14. Hes got a terrible headache. 15. I have a funny dream every night. 16. She has a problem with this exercise. 17. Lets have a rest before we go on. 18. I always have a party for my birthday. 19. Id like to have a cup of coffee. 20. My brother doesnt have a good job at the moment. 21. The university hasnt got a swimming pool. 22. What time do they usually have breakfast?


1.4 Where are these people from? Match the pictures with the texts.

1. My name is Elena Petrova and Im a teacher. Im 26. Im married and Ive got one child. I live in Tomsk. I want to learn English for my job.

She is from ___.

2. His name is Kurt and he is a student. He lives with his parents in Hamburg. He is 18. Hes not married. Hes got a brother and two sisters. He likes to learn English because its an international language.

He is from _______.

3. Pierre and Marie are married. They are 35. They live in Paris. Marie is a doctor. Her husband is a bank manager. They have two children, Charlotte and Valerie. Their daughters study English at school.

They are from ______.


1.5 The letters in the following words are mixed up. What are these words? Write them in the alphabetic order.

1. nivuseryti 2. cufalty 3. detntus 4. amxe 5. chloso 6. rsecou 7. slasc 8. turelec 9. cationdue 10. cheater.


1.6Match a verb in A with a noun in B.


1. attend

2. enter

3. do

4. graduate

5. miss

6. take

7. prepare

8. pass

9. get


a. homework

b. from college

c. lectures

d. a seminar

e. the University

f. maths

g. exams

h. a degree

i. for classes


1.7Match the words with their Russian equivalents.

1. freshman 2. faculty 3. tutorial 4. lecture 5. course 6. sophomore 7. exam 8. class 9. major 10. subject



1.8 Fill in the gaps with one of the words above.

1. A student in the first year of college or university is a ___. 2. What is your ___, English or French? 3. Im a student of Law ___. 4. He is a ___ at Harvard. 5. How many students take the geography ___ this term? 6. My favourite ___ at school were history and biology. 7. In ___ the students discuss their work with a teacher. 8. My last ___ ends at 4 o'clock. 9. We attend a ___ on Russian art. 10. I'd like to do a writing ___ this semester.


1.9 Put the words in the box in the correct columns below.

England, London, Moscow, physics, maths, Jane, English, doctor, teacher, Russian, psychology, lawyer, Susan, Wales, museum, theatre, Scotland, art gallery, Cardiff, Ireland, music, engineer, John, the Times, Caroline, the Independent, concert hall.


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