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For questions 1–5, find the words in the text that mean the same as these words and phrases.

1. (P1) attack

2. (P3) rob, ransack

3. (P5) use as a source

4. (P5) protect

5. (P6) forefront


For questions 6 – 10, choose the best answers ( A, B, C or D).

6. Which of the following statements is not true?

A Drinking water is polluted.

B Radioactive waste pollutes the sea.

C Sewage isn't processed.

D Cars and factories pollute the air.


7. Rain forests are being destroyed because governments and industries

A are unaware of what they're doing wrong.

B don’t have the power to stop this process.

C choose to ignore criticism.

D basically care about the environment.


8. The earth's resources

A should be left for people.

B can be made to last longer.

C will last forever.

D belong to just humans and animals.


9. Governments and industries

A don't know what Greenpeace thinks.

B are forced by Greenpeace to understand the problems.

C can easily ignore Greenpeace.

D misunderstand what Greenpeace thinks.


10. How does Greenpeace think that people can help?

A By becoming members.

B By speaking out.

C By painting a green line.

D By making waves.



Animals: Scrambled Letters

Put the letters in the following words into the correct order.

1) hhgeodeg

2) felybrutt

3) ebtlee

4) naske

5) badlryid

6) lemo

7) cwro

8) isanl

9) lacirbbkd

10) rogf




Match the animals with appropriate sounds.

1. a dog a) chatters
2. a lion b) hisses
3. a frog c) barks
4. a pig d) grunts
5. a cock e) lows
6. an elephant f) bleats
7. a lamb g) neighs
8. a puppy h) brays
9. a cat i) roars
10. a goose j) buzzes
11. a mouse k) laughs
12. a horse l) croaks
13. a cow m) coos
14. a duck n) squeaks
15. a fly o) hoots
16. a hyena p) crows
17. a dove q) mews
18. a donkey r) quacks
19. an owl s) yelps
20. a monkey t) trumpets




Find the odd one out.

1. pigeon bat peacock eagle

2. scales bough gills tail

3. pansy fir oak elm

4. whiskers paw claws wing

5. crab shark twig whale

6. seal stalk petals pollen

7. hawk ostrich pigeon swallow

8. jaguar leopard puma squirrel

9. dragon mermaid octopus unicorn

10. sparrow stingray stork swan


Choose the best alternative to complete the sentences.

1. Animals should not be locked in cages; they should be in their natural _______.

a) home b) habitats c) residence d) habitation


2. _______ can be divided into 10 categories, including bacteria, fungi, algae and less common and much longer Latin names.

a) Animals b) Plants c) Insects d) Birds


3. The _______ use of pesticides has wiped out many rare species.

a) careful b) controlled c) indiscriminate d) criminal


4. The magpie pecked hard at the ground with its _______ to get at the worms.

a) beak b) fangs c) lips d) mouth


5. The _______ absorbed carbon dioxide.

a) root b) foliage c) trunk d) flower


6. A great _______ of bees settled on our apple tree during a storm.

a) buzz b) crowd c) flock d) swarm


7. Which of these is not a pedigree domestic dog?

a) a) collie b) greyhound c) mongrel d) poodle


8. Factories and plants _______ industrial wastes into public waterways.

a) treat b) purify c) decompose d) discharge


9. The battle for the mink is also a battle for the cultural and economic survival of an _______ species.

a) disappearing b) extincting c) endangered d) dangerous


10. Unless stricter hunting laws are introduced, seals will soon be _______.

a) archaic b) dead c) extinct d) obsolete


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